Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Am Too Still Alive

I'm a song writer. So the tendency to be gathering material for songs is natural. I have lots of notebooks and journal entries on the subject. I have countless scraps of paper with chord progressions and riffs strewn about my studio. I have more software than I can use. I belong to too many music sites, some of which I pay for. And then there's the equipment. Let's not go there. I haven't the time.

Time, in fact is the issue here. I have recording dates for June and July. The preparation for that is overwhelming. I don't want to get in the studio and practice. How do you spell KA CHING? Is that right?

I spent four hours trying to score a song on some software yesterday. Just to make it easier for the string arranger who must write a cello part. Or two. I still don't have the score in usable form. I'm gonna have to fall back on hand notation rather than spend any more time trying to make software behave the way I want it to.

My life has become more of a ticking clock than I've ever been aware. So I have to manage those ticks more carefully until this project is finished.

I have to stop writing new songs and just concentrate on what I have.

I have to stop learning old songs for gigs. I never memorize them anyway. I'm brain damaged that way.

I have to stop surfing the web for useless crap.

I have to curtail my blogging activities and bring them down to about an hour a week.

Then I can get my stuff done.

So I'm not going away. I'll just sit out a few dances. Jump in every once in a while and shake that thang.

Love you all.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

A High Energy/High Gas Milage Week

That was a busy stretch. Still only a small letup in my schedule. Not as many gigs but just as many lessons. Did some recording with Carie Pigeon yesterday before my gig. Carie is my friend and I love her singing a lot. She has this unusual quality in her ending vowel sounds that haunts me. I hope I captured it on her back up vocals. I hope my producer,Helen Avakian, can use these tracks. Because Carie and her twin sister are leaving for a hike up the Appalachian Trail in a couple of weeks. ALL the way up. I'm concerned but I guess they researched it pretty well. It's just that together they weigh just over 200 pounds. They'll be carrying about 25% of their body weight in their backpacks. The weather could really suck in April in the mountains. They'll be 4 to 8 days at a time in total wilderness. That little girl better come back with some songs. And all of her fingers and toes.

Bud's New Prius My Toyota Prius arrived a week early! I love this little car. I should tell you the base price is about $22,000. I paid more for my '98 Subaru Legacy. I don't think that's too steep for a car of this quality which is so low maintenance and so incredibly low on carbon emissions. Are you reading the news on that lately?

I got it two hours before a gig. Loaded it up, drove it to the gig and all. Afterwards, I was alone in the parking lot and couldn't figure out how to start the sucker up. It's rather unconventional, and the starting part is all electric motor so you don't actually hear anything. I had to dive into the owner's manual to figure it out. I have it down, now, though. That's one way to kill a superior attitude.

I've driven 56 miles and the gas gauge hasn't moved yet. But the price of gas has. You notice that? If Cheney hadn't have had a semi-close brush with ASSassination, they would have blamed the oil prices on Britney taking a wing of rehab. Hey I got that from a headline. I didn't click the story. Im just being sarcastic, I don't actually want to know what she's up to. Please don't feel obligated to fill me in. The Google News headlines are already more than I can stand.

So I'm a week behind now in the blog reading department. Unlike many of you, I can't blog at work. When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my wife or working out. Which is sometimes the same thing. No, I don't mean that spending time with Cathy is a workout, although there are some people who might think so. Wusses!

So blogging, eating and sleeping make up the rest of the day. I can sometimes eat and blog at the same time. There are some who might accuse me of sleeping and blogging at the same time. They may, of course, be right. I rarely remember what I've written just as I struggle to recall the best parts of my dreams. All very Zen, isn't it? OOOOmmmmm.

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