Thursday, May 24, 2007

The New Godfather and the Pick of Destiny

You know I'm in avoidance mode when I write a blog post and start a new song. You know this because I should be working on the songs for the CD. June 9 is racing up to headbutt me.

I should report that my personal trainer, Jitka, and her husband Michael, are the proud parents of a new son, Patrick. I've written about Jitka (pronounced Yitka) before as she kicked my fat ass around the gym expertly but lovingly. Now I'm trainerless and having to kick my own ass around the gym until she feels it's appropriate to leave Patrick with a trusted day care person. I have a personal stake in this decision as Patrick is my Godson. Michael and Jitka bestowed this enormous honor on me even though it is hard to say Bud and God in the same sentence without cursing. I will do them proud. Patrick will be playing guitar by the time he starts first grade. I love these people a lot. Did I mention that?

This has been a week of guitar students canceling and changing times. There are people in my business who would drop students who do that but it's not a life or death thing for me. I like these people a lot. I'd miss them. It's not about filling the time slot for money.

I have a student, Laurie, who was referred to me by another student, Joseph, who works in a beauty parlor. Joseph told me she came in and said, "Bud said you suck." It was really hysterical, you have to believe me. He asked her what song she was learning and Laurie couldn't remember. She cracks me up so much when she's here. Cathy and I are really disappointed when she doesn't come.

One of my longest termed students, Jim, recently left to work in a group with his wife, Diane, and another guy. I miss him a lot. He's a very good songwriter. They had us for dinner last week. Good time. Hope we do that again soon.

A couple I teach, James and Vashti, who live over an hour away have become great friends. They had us for dinner on my birthday and gave me an extraordinary gift. He had my good old Taylor 514 ( my first and favorite Taylor)refretted and partially refinished. I had beat the crap out of it taking it to school and working in my former crowded studio and of course gigging for eight years. I treat it and the rest of my Taylors so much more carefully now.

I have a lot of very cool and interesting students of all ages. I wonder if they'd be up for a recital? They'd either run away screaming or just practice more. I guess I have to make it optional.

My good friend Andy Martello was about to take the step of his dreams when somebody pulled the rug out from under him. He needs any help you could possibly give him. If you know Andy, please hop over there and see what you can do. He's a fantastic guy.

When I drive up the interstate, if I draft behind a fat assed truck, ( I don't even watch NASCAR) my Prius gets 67 MPG. Suck it, Exxon Mobile. The next Prius we get for Cathy will get 90. Ethanol is a scam. GM might yet pretend they just discovered how to build a great electric car. They will try to pretend they hjadn''t already done so and recalled them all and crushed them. Rent the DVD Who Killed The Electric Car. Prepare to get angry.

Okay, now I'm going back to work. I hope to post again before I head for NY.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just Dropping In to Report Good News

It's highly impolite to post a blog, in my opinion, and not read and comment on the blogs of your long time blog pals.

And I just don't have the time these days to do either.

I've been having a perfect life and would love to share it with all of you out there. I really miss all of you. I'm stunned, actually at how close I feel to you, even if we've never shared the same space, other than cyberspace.

June 9, I'll fly up to NY to spend a week laying down basic tracks for my new CD.

I'll return to Florida on June 16 and work on sharpening up what I have to do for the next round.

Cathy and I will drive back to NY around July 17. I'll be in the studio until around August 8.

The best news I've had in along time regarding this project is that our favorite and Last Girl on Earth, Deni Bonet, is going to be on the CD. We're working on a schedule for that to happen now. So with Deni's outrageous string arrangements, Helen Avakian's able production and guitar support and Scott Petito's bass, this is shaping up to be a dream project. I imagine other surprises are in store.

In the meantime, drop in on Deni early and often to get news of the release of her new CD. Then buy it. No, buy a couple. I have all of hers as well as the DVD of her playing with Cindi Lauper. She also turns up on some CD's in my collection, Sarah McLauglin's Solace, being the most notable in my mind. Deni is one of those people who doesn't ask for much but deserves everything. Please give her your support.

Deni has a podcast that is as entertaining as Andy and Golfwidow's Podcrapular. Visit both. We are all extremely lucky to be in this circle of friends. And if I left anybody's achievements out, it's only because I'm totally out of the loop for the past two months.

That being said, I'm going to lock myself in my home studio and work on my parts.

I'll be back to blogland, I promise

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