Sunday, October 28, 2007


I seem to have conquered my productivity crisis. So much so I haven't been hanging around blogland much.

I've gone back to setting goals and daily to do lists. It's working very well. But I'm often either too busy to blog or too tired from being too busy.

I thought I would have had something new to report but all I can report is that stuff is happening but not yet.

Mark Zampella and I planned a CD cover and a music video. The photo shoot is Thursday. Preparing for the photos has been very involved. I spend more time at the gym than at the table. Hair, clothes and stuff are also in the mix for things to accomplish.

Scott Petito plans to start the mix of he CD first week in November and take a week to get to the first draft.

It's very hard to plan bookings until I have an actual release date.

I have new guitar students that are always fun. Keeps me extra busy.

Got a Veterens' Day picnic to play. Getting some appropriate songs ready. Any suggestions out there? I'm not into the heavy patriotic stuff. You can love your country and honor your vets without cliche' rhymes, three chord songs and excessive flag waving. Toby Keith I am not. This is a rather liberal gathering as I understand it, anyway.

Still wrestling with new recording software and a new mic. The latter (Earthworks) is amazing. The software manual, however, is putting me to sleep. Here's a hint to technical writers: Nobody but humorless geeks are impressed with geekspeak. Just give me a list of how to's. In common English. Pretend you're explaining it to your little brother or sister.

Lot of social stuff going on in between all the rest of my must do list items. You have any idea what it's like to serve snacks and not eat them? I want an award for mental fortitude, or courage or just shear stubborness, for eating double salad and carrot puree instead of canaloni. I chewed gum and served asiago cheese and bagel chips to my guests. I routinely burn more calories than I eat. And Jitka isn't even in the country to kick my ass. Oh, well, top physical conditioning is it's own reward, I guess. I bought several pairs lf pants today. Waist 29. In the boys department. See, told you I was busy.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


My brother called to report that Mom thinks she was recently kidnapped and brought to the house she's lived in for about eleven years. Put up quite a violent scene about it. I see this as a result of two things. Being 91 years old and sedentary for the last five years is number one. The other that she has told herself for about 8 of the last 11 that she regrets ever moving from South Jersey to rural southern NY state. She has said this aloud and to herself so consistently that her mind has finally worn down that groove so deeply, she isn't getting out of it. So she had a fall, a head wound and now she thinks she's been kidnapped to a place (by my brother and sister who live with her) she doesn't want to be. I talked to her on the phone to try to reassure her. She wasn't having it. Next morning, though, she was back to normal, complaining that they hadn't cleaned the drapes since she moved there.

I started to write a lyric about this but found it so hard. I'm not sure if it's too painful just yet or if I generally find it hard to write about family. I've only managed one song about my daughter although I've referenced her in others. I want to write one for my son and I'm having no luck. He so deserves a good one too. Same with my granddaughter. That one can take a while, though as she is so young. Needs to develop a personality beyond saying "No" a lot and being generally adorable.

I'm reminded of a time I wrote a short story about my father who was estranged from the rest of my family. It was not well received by them. As a result I shied away from ever showing them something again. I can't recall any of them giving more than a polite thanks when I gave them my first CD. I have high hopes that they'll love this one. My sister heard the roughs and loves it. That's an excellent sign. I wish my older brother were still alive. He's another I must write about one day. Been gone 20 years now but still close to me.

Truth is, I'm not at all in writing mode these days. Including blogging. My energy, what there is of it, is directed toward this CD launch. So I won't waste your reading time until I have something interesting to say. I'll drop by and read all of you, however. Love you all.

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Monday, October 08, 2007


When I miss all my friends in Blogland, I know it's a good thing. It means you're busy. Busy is usually good. Unless you're busy because you're in court answering charges for some heinous crime. Or busy undergoing surgery. Or giving birth, or taking care of those you gave birth to. Or dealing with your actual job. Or looking for an actual job. Or moving, like D-man and Quin. Or getting back into the podcast business like Andy and Golfwidow. Or starting a Rock band like Dawn.

Or organizing the launch of a new CD like Deni Bonet. And Me. There's no end to the stuff we have to do. I'll spare you the boring stuff and just try to report on the exciting stuff. If anybody throws underwear at me during a performance, you'll read it here first. But that's months off. So I'm just working on the boring parts now. It's tedious and did I mention boring? I mean, I'm excited but it'd be boring for you to read.

So if you have a decent internet hookup, you could listen to several of the other album studio roughs that I put up on a makeshift electronic press kit so I could enter some songs in a few songwriting contests. If you get to hear any and have a comment, I would sure appreciate hearing about it. Because the main thrust of the boring stuff I'm doing is organizing publicity. So I'm collecting positive words and thoughts. There are still about four songs you haven't heard yet. And remember, these six are roughs. Not the final mix by any means. No backup vocals either except for one, Crowded Memory, in which, Helen Avakian, haunts me with her voice.

If you have time, click here View Bud Buckley's EPK
and then click Audio.

I know I've left out the trials and tribulations of many of you. Real life is busy and that's good. Think of the alternative. Being busy is WAY better than being wormfood.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007


That was a busy food-filled weekend that didn't' end until Tuesday. It was Cathy's birthday and her daughter surprised her by flying in Saturday from San Jose. As in California. We ate out a lot. I did okay except for the bread. Get me inordinately hungry and make me wait for a meal. Then put bread on the table. I'll eat the bowl before I read the menu. I still worked out everyday so I didn't gain too much.

I have a tentative order in on the guitar I mentioned last time. Since it's a custom job, they have to give me an offer sheet. They are a little backed up with that apparently. I'm selling two other guitars to help defray the cost. That should take care of the neck alone. It's really not that bad. A moderately priced cello costs five times what I'm likely to pay for this.

I've been very busy with promotion for the new CD. Also planning a cover design and some videos. Talked to Helen Avakian and Beth Reineke at the Studio this week. They will put the backup vocals on October 14. Then the final mix begins. If you'd like to hear some studio roughs that I entered in some song writing contests, you can click the SonicBids link:
View Bud Buckley's EPK
View Bud Buckley's EPK

That takes you to my Electronic Press Kit (still unfinished). Then you hit the audio button. These are unmixed roughs. Most of them will have backup vocals and a much better mix. Scott Petito has few equals in the business when it comes to tasteful mixes.

You can hear some of Deni Bonet's violin work in there but she gave me so much great stuff that day that Scott hasn't even picked what might be the best tracks yet. Deni was phenomenal. Wait to you hear her new CD! You're gonna love it.

We're still talking about a December release date. So much to do, so little caffeine.

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