Sunday, November 25, 2007


Terrible time to think about such things but I got my head in death at the moment. Actually all the moments since yesterday afternoon. A good friend who is one of my biggest fans and a neighbor, has been unplugged from life support. Cathy spoke to her in the grocery store six hours before she had a stroke and her brain hemorrhaged. She was telling her how her heart didn't feel good and she was going to get her husband to call the doctor on Monday. She didn't want to mess up anybody's weekend, I guess. That's the way she was. She was well known and well loved. She was only 57.

I'm putting aside the obvious questions about if and why she mistreated herself when she was ordered to have a third heart valve surgery last summer. No answers so no questions. Cathy and I are not religious. Unbelievers, if you will. Too many years of senseless and sometimes brutal catholic education.

Cathy said, "It's just so hard to think about. You're here one minute and the next there is nothing."
"Yeah, I know, "I said, "Blows my mind too. Impossible to imagine. So I don't think about it much. It's so painful to the ego that man invented heaven. Makes it much easier." Like when I was a lonely little boy, I invented imaginary friends. They were very real to me and such a comfort.

That pretty much sums it up for us. I respect your beliefs. Hope mine haven't offended you. I'd never blow you up over it. But the question of how we would like to go out is hanging there. Neither of us wants to be the first to go because we don't want to leave the other in such emotional pain. Aside from that grim thought, I don't mind going when my time comes. I just want to be in Cathy's embrace. My Dad died in my arms. I always wonder if he knew.

My song, Let Me Go, is inspired by that subject. Most people don't pick up on that, which is fine. It can be about whatever you want. Same with anything I record. But I've written all I can on the subject for the time being. So I finally started something about my son this morning. He so deserves it. Dude is an amazing father and husband.

My friend Panthergirl at The Dog's Breakfast is doing everything she can to save the life of her beloved greyhound, who she has already saved from the brutality of the race track. If you plan to do some Amazon shopping could you use this link that would directly benefit Kelso's recovery? Marian and I and especially Kelso would certainly appreciate it. Big lick on the face for you. Thanks

Helen and I reviewed the semifinal mix of my CD this past week and told Scott what we want to tweak. I am absolutely loving the new background vocals and the mix. He plans to have it done and mastered by the end of this week. Then I'll send it out to DiscMakers if the art work is done. I'll have an advance sale offer for all my blogging pals up very soon. Just haven't figured out how I want to do that yet. Anybody know a service other than SNOWCAP (who has blown me off for months,) that would let me post parts of the song here for review? I want to sell directly to you rather than go through the various venders like CDBaby for this pre sale. It'll cost you less that way as I'll waive postage.

Let me know if you have a way to post a list of ten song parts. I don't want them downloadable.

Another busy week ahead and I still haven't caught up with all of you yet from my trip and holiday. Be back at you soon.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This catch up game wears me out. Back from a long weekend in the San Francisco Bay area. Cool little burg called Point Richmond outside of Oakland. Not far from Berkeley where we spent some time. Had such a fun time with my son, Jason and his wife Anne and of course their adorable child, my Granddaughter, Stella. Stella is very athletic and loves to dance. We took her to a music class in Berkeley that involved parents and their toddlers in various singing and movement activities. The dude who runs that for hours every day is a saint. The reason I never taught primary grades is because I was always just one Hokey Pokey away from blowing my own brains out. But it was fun watching Stella and her Dad. I did get a tambourine solo. I rocked.
Stella iphone

Stella (above)figured out how to scroll photos in my iPhone the instant she touched it. The thing was clearly designed for toddlers. I brought Stella a book called What Did the Polar Bear Say, or something. She loves to do animal sounds and can do a very credible dog, monkey, horse and pig. Lion is also in her repertoire. When we got to walrus, she was stumped until I taught her that a walrus says, "Goo Goo Goo Joob." I personally love that she can say that but not Grandpa. Next time I see her, I'm sure she'll have other words for me.

Jason and I fiddled with some music while Stella was napping one day. He posted a YouTube of our Radiohead jam. He hadn't played bass in quite a while. I didn't even know this song, "Lucky," until ten minutes earlier. I look at it and smile a lot. Bonding at it's best always involves music, in my mind.

I arrived home late Monday to find a semifinal version of my CD. Helen and I are discussing a few refinements. I'm really happy with it. I had amazing people around me for this one. Still aiming for Christmas for a release but if it's not ready, I'm not rushing it.

Cathy and I are not big on tradition. We'll spend Thanksgiving with some close friends. We're extremely thankful for our lives every minute of every day. I hope all of you have a splendid holiday and wake up every day hereafter and feel thankful that you did indeed wake up.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Cathy and I took a long overdue weekend to celebrate her b-day of six weeks ago to Fort Myers Beach and Naples, Florida. Not a long drive but we rarely get down that way. The weather here is too beautiful to describe. It's probably better than any of yours. Sorry for you.

We stopped at the summer home and laboratory of Thomas Edison. His body of work is staggering. There's no other way to put it. Strangely, this humanitarian was close friends of Henry Ford who had the adjoining estate. Henry was a father of the industrial age, to be sure but no humanitarian. What WAS he thinking when he accepted Nazi Germany's highest award from the Furher himself? And then there were the mobsters he hired as line bosses for the assembly line. I love the story that his wife threatened to leave him if he didn't recognize the union there. Mary Ford is the fairy godmother of the UAW as far as I'm concerned.

Amazin' Walter's Castle Our idea was to stay on the beach near the sand castle contest. I can't get over that people devote a large chunk of their lives in this particular artistic endeavor as the creations get knocked down at the end. The weather wouldn't be kind to them anyway. But that's their appeal. How DO they get sand to do that stuff? I watched them and couldn't believe it. There were artists there from Canada. Canada? They have beach sand in Saskatchewan? Who knew? Does sand sculpt like snow? Here are just a couple of shots. To see more, visit my Flikr site.

Atlantic City Rescue Comes to Ft. Meyers Fort Meyers Beach is one lovely beach if you are a beach person. Which I'm not but I like to visit. I love walking the beach in the early morning before it fills up. When we owned a beach condo on the other corner of the state, I had a morning ritual of walking until the sun came up and then swimming with whatever dolphin swam by. Did that until somebody pointed out that it is also shark feeding time. But it was cool while my ignorance was still bliss.

Primate After the sand castles we drove down the coast to Naples. Very high class area with way too many Jags and Benzes per capita, if you ask me. We went to visit the zoo because Cathy collects zoos. It was quite beautiful for it's plantings. The animals were mostly asleep or on vacation. The primates were terrific fun however. Each kind living on their own little island which we chugged around in a boat.

We found it interesting that there were a number of development projects carved out but stopped. Florida is run by developers and they are finally realizing that they ran out of people willing to spend that money on overpriced real estate. Maybe the federal government isn't calling it a recession but we are. Lot of layoffs and businesses closing. It will be interesting to see how it impacts my music business. I booked about five country club gigs which will more than make up the difference of two of the coffee houses I usually play that no longer have live music.

Time will tell. This is supposed to be a lucrative period for me. It's in the stars.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007


Quick update: The photo shoot went very well. I'll post some of that when I pick out the stuff I want to use.

The first draft of the album cover should be ready to look at in about a week.

The latest mix of the CD is also due around next week.

At least two or three video projects in the planning stages. Also some live recordings.

Three gigs this week, starting today. And two new students. Nothing like staying busy. Which means I did nothing to work on the recording software.

Got a big festival gig in Sarasota for Arts Day in January. One of my other venues stopped having music and another just stopped on Wednesday which was my regular midweek gig during my busy season. But I'm starting to book more country club gigs which are quite lucrative. As soon as the album is finished, I'll start submitting it to every opportunity I can afford. Entrance fees for contests, publications and compilation discs can really drive the cost up on a project but it's better than having some label rip you off. I'm starting my own publishing company and label. Gonna keep it all. I'll be generous with my co-writers. Budley Music and BuBu records. What do you think?

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