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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Bud Buckley plays Sarasota Arts Fest, '08
How far behind can I get? Here's a shot of me playing the Sarasota Arts Fest about eleven days ago. Big event. Good time. Led to other gigs. So no complaints. Even though...

Teaching guitar has been very time consuming. Lots more students. I really enjoy it. Besides my private practice, I'm teaching in the North Port Music and Arts School. Very cool people there. I'm helping them open a shopping center tonight.

Besides my regular gig schedule I've been booking other gigs. A country club gig that sold out, a house concert coming up next month. Other things in the works.

CD sales have been good but I need to push it harder with some bigger venues so I'll be hitting that trail hard. I can't wait for Deni Bonet's new one to come out. Gonna buy a bunch of them for family. She's just the best on so many levels.

Haven't done a thing yet to organize my travel business but I really have to get to that. May need to give up sleep for a few days. What exactly is a toxic or lethal dose of caffeine anyway?

posted by Bud @ 12:48 PM

It's good to hear an update.

If I haven't O.D.'d on caffeine yet, you might be safe too.
Who needs sleep? ;)
Good to hear your gigs have been solid as always and that pic of you rocks.

Bud: I smile as I try to think where you have traveled from the night Helen sprang the "new artist appearance" on you up through today! This is awesome, my friend. And yes, I too can't wait for Deni's cool CD! She does some nice work on your new CD which is here on my stereo!!
Look at you rock!!! Let me ask you, do you always wear black when you perform??
I still haven't hit the toxic level of caffeine, but I know I've overdosed before! And, go you!
For me, a lethal dose of caffeine would be 0mg/day.
I'm no help. I usually pull all-nighters with good old-fashioned insomnia. No caffeine for me...
Busy is good. Caffiene is good. all is good
Exciting times.
Busy here. Will do reviews as soon as can.
Fate managed to deliver me a PreSonus Inspire 1394 firewire computer recording system for cheap. Now I just need to get my computer dude mate over to install firewire and I'll be back worktaping. Yay!
Hey Bud - You can tell people are good in show business by the way they write - and if they write from their own experience.

Show business - magic and music even when what is sold is different - there are a lot of things that are the same - and we as artists (Michael and Andy as well) most likely have gone though many similar experiences - performing for an audience - and dealing with the business side.

Good luck and you all have my sincere best wishes.

Glenn Bishop
i drink coffee, then go to sleep.

hey, i used to run a travel company, did you know that?


i'm loving the new cd... it, and you, rock.
Bud, I can't tell you what a toxic dose of caffiene is, but I can tell you what a toxic dose of prune juice is! ;)

I'm jealous that there is actually green where you are now...we are buried under feet of snow...Oh, to be warm again....You should write a song about that!
That's a great guy-all-in-black photo of you, Bud!
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