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Saturday, January 05, 2008


After a few days reflection on a disappointment, I realize that I learned a few valuable lessons. It's impossible to discuss without getting all wordy. It's my goal to be all about brevity. It's also my goal to be all about avoiding cliche's. So I'll leave it at one statement:
One Artist's cliche' may be an Everyman's high art.

People are making money on horrific cliche's and cultural stereotypes but that's one swamp I hope to never intentionally slog through.

The year is going off as planned. A lot of enthusiasm for the new CD. Sales have been very good and promise to grow. My gigs are quite fun. I'm delighted to be back at Althea's Restaurant for my fifth season. I'm also doing more country club gigs and I'm branching out. My guitar teaching business is growing by leaps and bounds. I'm now on the faculty of a local music school and I get calls for private lessons every day.

All of this leaves less time for blogging but I read you guys before I write anything here.

Many of you have taken advantage of my pre-release offers and your CD's are in the mail. I'm extremely grateful to all who visit here and offer me encouragement weather it's in the form of complements, cheerleading, buying a CD, writing a review or any combination of the above. I love you guys like family. It's my ambition to meet each of you face to face some day. I have met six of you and it's only a matter of time before I get to the rest of you. Or you get to me. I'm getting involved in the travel business so I'll have a less expensive way to travel or to get you where you're going if you are so inclined. More on that later.

I thought the holidays were over and I could return to a normal weight. But we're going to an Eastern Orthodox Christmas party tomorrow. So if that involves your particular set of beliefs, Happy Christmas. Again!

posted by Bud @ 10:42 PM

I used to have the phrase "Brevity is in order" as my voicemail outgoing message, but too many stupid people would either call and leave really long messages, or call and ask why I needed them to be brave.

I'm so glad 2008 is off to such a shining start for you.
I wish you a great year Bud.
Bud: Smiles, as I was raised Eastern Orthodox but don't practice it. My parents are European and Mom still carries on tradition (but pulls cranks on my late Father's nephew in the pew). I've never heard of clichz's. But I'd rather read your BLOG. Keep celebrating the good stuff!!!
Any excuse to eat is a good one.

I'm so happy for your happiness, Bud.
Sounds like a blast!

You must go to the video store and rent a movie called 'Once'.
You must!
Don't ask why, just go and rent it.
You'll thank me later.


Wow 2008 sounds like it will be a great year for you already!! Travel business? When do you have time to do that? You are an inspiration... Now if I can just get my lazy arse off the couch. Congrats again!
Yes, I have also heard good things about Once. The Frames! I'll probably see it one day when I can get away from the kids.

When you coming to NZ?

Having a great time with music myself.
Sounds like your rocking over there Bud, all the best in 2008 and enjoy the gigging.

Thank you lots of x's for the beautiful sounding, round gift. I thanked you on my blog a few days ago, but I don't think you've been doing the blog stuff lately. Hope you are well and that your music life is thriving!
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