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Monday, February 25, 2008


Guestpost by Golf Widow

I shall rant.

About Britney Spears, whom Bud is sensible enough to ignore, and I am not.

Recently, my friend Six Weasels had quite a lot of rational things to say about Britney Spears, not the least of which was the following, snipped directly from her Vox blog:

"It seems that according to whoever does these photos, if Britney keeps down her current path by the time she's 40-something she'll be fat, saggy, pudgy-faced, washed-out looking, have crappy hair and sport a mouthful of yellow teeth.

"I have two questions about this: 1. Why is this news? [and] 2. Why are we so freaking mean, both to Britney who is already obviously disturbed and to women who might look like that already?"

She added, as a response to a comment:

"We seek validation in famous people's screwups or perceived failures. It really is sad."

It's a great post in its entirety, by the way. Check it out:

I started to comment myself, but what I had to say began formulating itself into an entity of itself, and it occurred to me that I'd better pick up my soapbox and go home.

Or, in this case, go to Bud's, because, if nothing else, the two words "Britney" and "Spears" in his blog might push him up the Google ladder, and people, if you surfed in here looking for Britney, you'd do well to notice that Bud's just released a wonderful, musically proficient, highly listenable CD, whereas Britney has, I believe, a new psychiatrist.

It's up to you to decide where your ears might be better entertained, is what I'm saying.

Here are my thoughts on Britney Bashing.

Speaking for myself, I do, indeed, as Six Weasels put it, seek validation in famous people's screwups or perceived failures, but I know that the reason I do so is that I have this tiny ingrained misconception that famous people look down on me, and I'm gratified when they fall back down to my level, or below it.

I'm not proud of this, but at least I own it. I want to believe, furthermore, that I'm not alone in this.

Also, I'm constantly examining why Britney Spears is still interesting to the world. Presumably, she's a celebrity because she's a singer, but when was the last time she had a hit song? Every time she shows up in the news again, without having done anything to further her actual career, and we (collectively) lap it up, I can't help thinking that we couldn't lap it up if she hadn't spilled it to begin with.

This leads me to the circuitous but plausible logic that suggests that, since she is incapable of anything to add to her body of marketable (at best) work, she's spilling all this other crap deliberately.

The fact that I buy into it, myself, is annoying to me, but again, I'm owning it. And again, I want to believe that I'm not alone in it.

Now if I could only be sensible, like Bud, and ignore her.

posted by Bud @ 8:27 AM

I'm amazed at her fame as well. To me, she really isn't much of a singer. Christina (who is constantly compared to her) is actually a talented vocalist and much more of a valid artist.
Yep - it could totally be deliberate. Lots of folks find negative attention better than no attention at all, and we're so good at giving negative attention! You are rockin' the guest posts, my friend ... and Bud, you rock too : ).
Personally I don't really pay attention either way. There was a time when reading those gossip sites took up a good amount of procrastination time...and then I got so busy I could really care less.

It really has made my life better :)
Golfwidow - excellent, excellent post.

Bud - you have excellent taste in guest bloggers.
Bud: I can remember Bruce Springsteen lamenting Elvis' sad life and how it ended when he said "You can't believe in your own hype". Like Presley, Spears life is tragic and I'll never understand how the hospital or a judge failed to probate her to begin the long journey I had hoped would lead her down the path of getting her life on solid ground. To me, famous people are just that. I can see you and Tom Petty having coffee at Althea's. Fame is the only thing that separates Bud Buckley from the material world; your talent is on level as I see it! And looking at how fame has gone to so many heads in the business, I find myself remembering Robert Duvall's line in "Tender Mercies" to the up and coming country band as he listens to their story of a record deal gone sour. "Well, it's probably the best thing that could've happened to you all at this point". Play on!
I try consciously not to click on links to tabloids regarding Britney, Lohan, etc. I don't believe I am missing out on much if I don't know the latest and greatest about them.
You're all over the web at the moment, ain't cha. :D
Who is Britney Spears????
Brit is a trainwreck, and you know how we all like to watch something tragic. It's human nature.

However, I do believe that the media has gone over the top with her. Shit, I would probably turn into a bipolar mess if everyone and their cousin was following me around with cameras every single second of my day! She can't even go to the grocery store without someone shoving a camrea in her face.

And who's to blame for that? Is it her for making a mess out of her life, or is it us for wanting to watch her go down in flames?
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