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Monday, February 11, 2008


I'm hoping that those of you out there who like my music would take a minute to vote for one of my songs, "I Still Remember (How That Feels), at They ask you to register and log in. If that isn't too much of an annoyance, I'd appreciate it. If you'd rather not be on their list of listeners, I understand.

A couple of years ago I reported on the birth and short life and death of a Sandhill crane chick. The pond in our back yard is a nesting place but they are very territorial. Only one couple of these monogamous birds, breed there each spring. Oh, it is spring here in south west Florida. It always seems like spring or summer.

I didn't write about them last year but we had a successful hatching of two chicks and they made it to at least adolescence. It gets hard to tell them apart after a bit. I didn't pay them as much attention, sparing myself from getting too attached. I didn't want to be as devastated by what is a high percentage mortality rate in a place with breeding bald eagles and bobcats and gators. And the occasional panther.
sand hill crane

I did witness an eagle hovering above one chick who had a habit of lagging behind the family. Amazingly, sir eagle was run off by a squadron of red winged black birds! Who knew?

I've been watching the courting and nesting habits of these cranes for a couple of weeks now. I'm gonna assume it's the same pair as last year. Just based on my observation of how territorial they are at this time of year. Bizarre behavior. They built a nest in the marsh. I can't swear they have eggs yet. I keep watching to see if Momma is sitting more than standing. I should read up on this and stop guessing. But I have too little time.

Mr. Crane is all protective. Attacking his own reflection in people's windows and destroying their screens. We all put up with it. A great blue heron has decided to occupy the same marsh. This is also bizarre since herons nest in trees. This must be a single dude. Or he's just retarded. But he provides a threat and a daily drama.

I'll report on the progress of this event but it's not guaranteed to end well. Just want to be realistic. I won't be writing a song with the words crane or heron or marsh or chick in it. Whatever lessons I learn might appear in a song totally unrelated to the wild kingdom. That's the way I prefer to work.

Of all the completely amazing birds down here, the cranes have become my favorites. I can't understand why as they are goofy and arrogant. I hate politicians like that so go figure.

posted by Bud @ 10:35 PM

I'd be sobbing. I hate it when baby animals become someone elses's lunch. Even if that someone else is a beautiful bald eagle.

I wish we had wild life here...It's too damn cold. Even the squirrels aren't coming out of their nests!
There is something almost fawn-like about those babies. I can see why you'd like them :) I hope they make it!

I'll check out the link to the voting site!
1. I voted. It's the least I can do, you're such a great bud and a great Bud.
2. Baby animals are always cute. It used to be so they would appeal to the maternal instincts of the average predator, but now it's so you can send the pictures to
The D-Man has voted.
I love that fuzzy and cute chick! Great photo!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know I haven't forgotten about you. I have been SUPER busy on my end (some good, some not so good). I have been contemplating about blogging about it but I haven't decided how I want to approach it yet nor have I had the time (you know how that is). Anyway, I hope all is going well and that you don't hold my absence against me!:)
there is a cooper's hawk that hunts my yard, on one hand it keeps the squirrels away, but on the bad side, i do get to witness a morning dove meet it's maker every once in a while
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