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Friday, February 22, 2008


Bud's got an itchy mouseclicking finger and bought another guest post from me.

This is going to be short. It's just a bit of brain-confetti that suddenly exploded out of my head and said, "PARTY!"

I don't know how many of you remember the television show "E/R!" I'm pretty sure Bud doesn't, since he hates television and everything it stands for.

Ah. Lots of hands.

Now, if I say, "I don't mean the hour-long drama that started in the '90s - I mean the half-hour sitcom that started and ended really quickly in the '80s ..."

... Ah. Most of those hands have gone down.

There really was another "E/R!" before "ER." (Note the different spellings.) Oddly, George Clooney was in both of them.

Elliott Gould was only in the sitcom one, but he was in the film "Ocean's Eleven" with George Clooney, and that ought to count as a reunion of sorts.

Anyway, in the sitcom version, there was a character named Thor. She was a nurse, a buxom, loud, no-nonsense funny-as-hell fantastic nurse.

Her husband, named Bud, was never seen on the show. He was referred to frequently, like Vera on "Cheers," but you never saw him. He was, like our Bud, a songwriter.

The only other Thor-person I've ever encountered (dogs don't count) is the spouse of another blogfriend of mine. He's not a songwriter, but his wife, my blogfriend, is named Kathy.

Bud Buckley's wife is named Cathy.

This sort of thing happens in my head on a regular basis. I think I'd better go lie down now.

NOTE FROM BUD: Yeah, I'm too busy to write. You noticed, huh? But Golfwidow is out of work and posting for dollars. Not enough dollars in my estimation. You could help her out and get a witty guest post for the paltry sum of $2.00. Better yet, you could buy her very funny book, "Getting My Think On." I just bought another from Amazon to send to my sister. There may be a vendor who gives her a better cut. Visit her site to find out. You won't be sorry.

posted by Bud @ 7:11 AM

now that? that was mystical.
Bud: Golfwidow is an amazing talent and someone in Blogland has to know someone or some company that would be honored to have her on board!
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