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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Note from Bud: Golfwidow is a close friend and blogger who has run into some horrible luck recently and is blogging for dollars. Anybody would be lucky to have her appear on your blog. Please give her a read and check her out HERE to see how you can help.

by Golf Widow

I'm guest-posting for Bud, today. If you haven't bought his CD yet, IT'S ABOUT TIME you did.

See what I did, there?

Oh, yeah, I'm just one big yuck after another.

Anyway, Bud and I share a humongous fondness for all things musical, with the main divergence being that he also has a massive talent for making music, whereas my own musical prowess appears to max out at listening and clapping.

Hey, somebody has to be the audience.

It's not that no one will appreciate the music if no one is listening (even if it's only yourself, someone's listening).

It's that, without people like me, there is no market for watery, overpriced beer and cheap t-shirts emblazoned with band logos and tour dates.

Not to mention that, if there's no one in the audience, there's no one waiting in a five-mile-long line to have a go at the Port-a-Potty, and then, there goes the economy.

Oh, wait. The economy, it is already long gone. Never mind.

But it's okay. I'm out of work and I don't play guitar, but I have a pink baseball hat. Let the president say the same.

Sorry ... didn't mean to get political. I'm just going to sit here quietly and wait for Bud to go on tour.

I'll be the one with watery beer spilled down her front. (It's an occupational hazard, when one's instrument of choice is two hands clapping.)

posted by Bud @ 7:02 AM

GW: Bud is phenomenal, and hand laps are mucho important! If I were a betting man (with nothing to wager at the moment) I would only add that we bloggers are a good networking bunch too. So if anyone has a lead for the lovely Golfwidow, shoot her an E-mail at once. This is the fastest track I know of. And lastly, DO buy Bud's CD! It's great!!!:)
We are all waiting for the Bud Buckley tour. I have dibs on advance tickets!

Funny post. But you are supposed to be funny and you came through.

Thanks gold Widow. And just so you know I have never made a widow from my golf playing.
Golfwidow may not play guitar, but both she and Bud rock : ).
i'm loving my bud

and awaiting my bubu shirt.

(one day, he'll grow tired of me asking, and send one)
Hey Golfwidow, I can clap AND play the tambourine at the same time! Maybe I could be a groupie? Please?!!
GW: Right, you can guest-blog for me when I have an album to release. At US$2, that's pretty damn reasonable.
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