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Saturday, March 08, 2008


Thought I'd pop in here for real and give an update. Where to start? There is no beginning.

Let's just say that I am with the commentors on the last post by Golfwidow who point out that although Brit is a trainwreck, the press is as much to blame for giving her attention. I would never criticize her performance. I've ignored her as a performer to begin with. Critics, as much as we depend on them in this business, are often rather self serving. If there's one thing I know that's true it is this: In any crowd there will always be some who love me and some who hate me. Nothing I can do about it. I've been blessed with terrific reviews on this last record. But there have been a few comments in between that support the aforementioned truism. I can handle it.

Here's a running account of what's happened with the CD since just before it's release on Jan 7.

Let Me Go, was selected for inclusion on:
Moozikoo's Best of Indies, Vol 2 Presents
Quickstar Productions, East Coast Acoustic Artists Chill Out CD
Can't Leave My Mind
Finalist in American Songwriter
Crowded Memory
Indie Music for Life and Laughs compilation
CWA Media- public Service ad
Supreme Lyrics Execs licensing for film/TV
I Still Remember (How That Feels)
Getting good play on
Whole album review-upcoming
Indie911 Licensing for film/TV
CWA Media songs for commercials

And there are many many other opportunities under consideration or on actual standby status. Some fabulous reviews too and a nice local news paper story. So It's doing very well.

Soon I'll have a dedicated web site up for just the sale of this album. One reason why I've been away from this little corner of the internet.

I'm studying how to do a limited tour that wouldn't take me too far away or too far away from my usual travels up the East coast. Recently, however, there has been interest in me in the Denver area from several different people who don't know each other. Have to take a look at that. When does summer start in Denver? Mid July?

So I would look into a Phoenix tour then while I'm at it as I've sold a number of CDs down there.

Guitar teaching is always a high for me. Students come and go and are very loose about staying on schedule. But I'm always in demand. If I can't teach, I'm not real happy with myself. So that is something I must always do.

I have some cool t-shirts coming. You may want one, you may not. It's all good. I'll let you know when they arrive.

I own a Travel Business that you might want to check out.
The prices are competitive and you can even book such things as rental cars and concert or sports tickets. I'll post the link every time because I can't give my web master son another thing to do while we're still fixing this site and starting the other. But let me know if you book anything through me and I'll give you a freebie. Probably a choice of a CD or a t-shirt.

It seems to me a lot of bloggers have fallen by the wayside. This is understandable. Life gets in the way. But how about we all suggest to each other some bloggers that you think might dig what we're doing. Make introductions to each other. Some discretion is needed. It's not a terrific idea, for instance, to introduce somebody who does a needlework blog to somebody whose passion is Death Metal. But then, who can say for sure, huh?

Love to have your thoughts on this.

Finally, It would be helpful to me if you click the banner link below and just click. It's my record store in England. I need to get some hits to move up their playlist

Go to the radio page (Blue Radio button on the top right) and enter my name and the song you want to hear, Let Me Go would be a good candidate. It'll help me a LOT.
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And of course if you've already written a review for me on CD Baby, it would be extremely helpful if you would paste it in over there at Loneboy.

An international booking agent (who will for now remain nameless) for music lessons sent me a new guitar student today who stood me up. Or they stood me up without notice. Is the universe is messing with me or am I messing with the universe? Just a rhetorical question. I'm watching clouds colliding from different directions. Is it Mercury retrograde yet?

posted by Bud @ 3:03 PM

universe is messing with you.

the link didn't work.

i want a teeshirt, so, let me know asap, and i'll buy one.

denver's summer starts in late may, bucko. sheesh. and it's BEAUTIFUL there. sheesh, again.

sheesh. just for good measure.
GREAT news about the new CD! I wish I were enjoying such success. You rock!
I tried the link, but it didn't work...I will be more than happy to be a supporter, and I would love to buy your CD! When are you touring in MN?

Summer starts here in mid June!
Look at you go.
I know Bud Buckley!
"I knew Bud back when he was just getting his start and..." Phoenix! Let me know, so we can conspire!:)
You be smokin!

One of my (band) songs has been getting airplay on a radio station here. A community station. You have to live within 25km of the station to hear it. So I haven't. But still. Airplay!
Have a Great Weekend, Bud.

(Michael on 03/21) :)
I need to get around to buying this cd. I've been meaning to. I enjoyed your last one very much! Any of your tour dates here in CA?
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