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Sunday, June 08, 2008


I hope you're not tired of this. I'm not. I'm NUMBER ONE Again. That's FOUR WEEKS. If you've been helping out by going to this site and requesting Let Me Go over and over again every day and keeping me on top. I want to give you something. And I will if you're on my Fan List which you can get on by responding to the Reverberation box below. Many of you have but here you go:


That way I have an automated way of thanking you, informing you, letting you know when I play in your area and toss you other freebies. Like ring tones. I know how to make them. Anybody out there know how to make them downloadable and free to my fans? I want to do that. HELP!

Loneboy has been getting in touch with my fans to ask them if they want to take part in a Q&A. You ask, I answer. In a Podcast. Come on, let me have it. I probably won't lie. Unless you ask my age.

I've been doing weddings lately. Interesting time. I know I'm gonna get some songwriting ideas out of them. Next week I'm playing a short set at a reunion party for a now defunct coffee house I used to play called Stir the Soul, here in Venice. More songwriting potential. I promise to NOT write about songwriting or songwriters. Or not so as you would know it, anyway.

Another favor you might feel inclined to do for me: My new CD sales site is up. If you just pop in there for a few seconds on this link, it'll help move me up in the search engine. I have some other ingenious stuff planned to help with that but It'll take a while.

So come on help me give you stuff. If you can tell me quickly how to give away ring tones, I'll give you some. If you get on my fan list (in case you're not there already), you'll have first notice that a freebie is on the way.

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posted by Bud @ 8:55 PM

Whoa, talk about longevity!!
4 weeks straight?! - YAyyyyyyyyy!!!

Just voted for ya again, hon! =)

... and thanks sooo much for the freebie! omg, that's so awesome, Bud!!
Now I want you to break all records that loneboy has had for somebody keeping the #1 spot.

Know who it was and how long s/he was #1?
Btw, I've been meaning to tell you congrats! This is huge news and a great pay off for all your hard work!

(i understand that is a very cool thing to say)
Am I the only one who has come up with the following? British Airways is pushing the current White House Administration for "Open Skies". This basically allows foreign carriers to fly within our own country. To nudge our friends across the pond, I feel it would be a good gesture for them and for the growing number of Bud Buckley fans for BA to provide a Round-Trip pass so you could play an appearance on BBC Television. ;)
Awesome.. congrats!
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