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Monday, June 16, 2008


Five in Five! On the chart five weeks and Number One for five weeks. This time with the song Tattoo. Don't ask me how that happened. But who can complain with two number one songs? THAT was a pleasant Father's Day Gift, thank you very much.

If you're on my Reverbnation Fan List you know about this and have voted again, I hope. This is what indie musicians have to do instead of paying publicists a cajillion dollars. Or a Brazilian if you're W. "How many is a Brazilian anyway?"

I would be ever so grateful if you put yourself on my fan list with the opt in below. Just be sure and list your town so I can start to use that thing more selectively.


I'm actively booking out of town stuff. Starting with the Mid Hudson region of New York. I've booked a Hometown CD Release concert at the Hyde Park Library Annex on August 23 and at least four other dates around that time in that same general area. Looking forward to other exciting things to happen too. I'll announce as they happen.

I have a new video shoot coming up on July 19 in Clearwater, FL at a place called Pangea Cafe and International Market. Hot new venue there. It'll be edited down as a short promo video. I can use out takes for future video projects too, I guess.

On the part of the world that is not my music: We have a couple of gators in our pond who scared away our Sandhill Crane family. Everybody with a little dog around the pond is freaking but I don't think the Florida wildlife people will remove the gators uless they actually eat a dog. Nasty Catch 22 that, huh?

I'm babysitting Patrik today. I really have to learn some Czech but my mouth won't make most of those sounds. Bilingual little wise ass.

Gas is $4.00 and I'm driving a Prius! I won't gloat. Much.

I'll get some gator pics and gig ics up soon. Now get out of here and go to and request Tatto for me, wouldja, please?

posted by Bud @ 8:39 AM

congrats buddy, that's nice when you get a nod like this
Congrats on the number ones! Here's to many, many more!
"hurrah to you!", she said, wearing her new BuBu shirt.
This is some great news to return to.
I have always thought that a video even here on the Blog would be a nice touch! I'll be listening to your CD this morning on the way to breakfast out (which I do on weekends to people watch). This is all very exciting!!!!!!
Cool beans, your rocking over there Bud.

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