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Monday, June 02, 2008


I have the best fans but I'm a bad blogger lately. They (and you) have kept me on top of the LoneBoy Charts in London for Three weeks. Do I hear FOUR?

If you somehow did not get an e-mail from me, regarding this, you hide well. Here's the link to put in a request for my song, Let Me Go. Scroll down to the left. And thanks so much.

Here's what they posted Sunday night:
02.06.08 - Bud Buckley continues his reign at the top of our chart but with Light Rain holding onto the number five positions and re-entries from Alex Kajumulo, Pete Martin and Griffin Anthony, will he still be number one next week? Congratulations go to newcomer Eric Terdjman making his debut this week at number 10...

Just moments ago I got an e-mail from LoneBoy asking if I'd consent to a Q and A generated by questions from my fans. So if you're on my list you may be hearing from them. Here's the opening to that e-mail, "Congratulations! You are to date the most popular artist ever to feature on LoneBoyStore" You have to understand that there are many former teachers of mine who would think that is science fiction. Especially the words "most popular" modifying the word "artist." Take that, Sister Mary Confusing!

So all I do lately is work the web for this kind of thing, rehearse for the wedding gigs I've been playing, teach guitar, attempt to have a workout schedule and a family life. Yeah, I know, sad that it is in that order. But these things ebb and flow. Right now, I'm riding this particular wave to get some recognition.

I badly miscalculated what my tour schedule ought to be at this time of the year. I have two very good reviews coming out of Atlanta, One, from Target Audience Magazine, I posted here already although it's not yet published. The other, also not yet published from Performer Magazine, is coming out too late to help me book anything up the coast. Then there is also the fact that my booking skills are in need of some assistance. Booking agents are just too unreliable and to do it all myself means I don't work on music. This is a crazy business.

My songwriting has been nonexistent unless you count the constant notes I'm scrawling into little notebooks. But I'm not complaining. After all, I am Number One on at least one chart. Thanks, my friends.

posted by Bud @ 10:56 AM

congrats dude!
We vote and vote and vote but where are our cabinet appointments??? LOL
Yay!! Giving you the *clap*.

Well, not really the 'clap', lol!
Great work, Bud. Don't stop and ask why, just enjoy the ride!!!!
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