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Monday, July 14, 2008


My friend Dead Guy or Ignatious Dedd, you may recall, is an amazingly funny cartoonist who stopped blogging a while back. He stays in touch from time to time and posts a few items on Myspace. I learned today that he has a cartoon selected for a calendar put out by the Union of Concerned Scientists and he's up for a prize as a result. I hope you find him as amusing as I do and will go have a look at his cartoon. He's using the name Paul Malden and his cartoon is number 9 on this site. I hope you'll have a look and vote for him.

I'm getting ready to shoot some video of a concert I'm doing next Saturday in Clearwater. The objective is to get a five minute promotional reel but I'm hoping to get a lot of other useful footage as well. Of course I'll release it to you on completion. I feel very positive about it going in and I'm looking forward to a good time. That is where my focus is this week.. If you're local and you're reading this, I hope you can come be in my video at Pangea Cafe in downtown Clearwater.

I want to thank those of you who have tirelessly requested my songs on over the last couple of months. Being on top meant a lot to me. There have been many technical difficulties and downright weirdness going on there which I have no explanation for. But I'm happy to be sitting at number 2 under the stores' own artist. Here's that link again.

We went to see some Chinese acrobats Saturday night. It would be inaccurate to call it a Chinese Cirque du Soleil. I've seen Cirque twice and never saw most of those stunts before. Sliding down a 30 foot pole head first by one's legs and stopping before the face plant, is a new one to me but I guess I haven't seen everything. They were a highly entertaining troupe of youngsters and I hope they aren't eating in the local Chinese restaurants as they are dreadful. Maybe their Mamas packed them a picnic basket or they're living on fragrant meat jerkies. Cathy loved the food in China because it was nothing like the Chinese food we get here. So I'm sure their acrobatic digestive systems were shocked.

There's been a surge in new guitar students lately. Can anyone explain to me how eleven year olds are so aware of Deep Purple? They all want to learn Smoke on the Water. Two new adult students coming this week. It's always fun to see what they're desired playlist is. I always wind up teaching myself new stuff to teach them.

I hope to have pics from the video shoot next week. Have a good one.

posted by Bud @ 7:32 AM

yeah i hear ya. smoke on the water and iron man... weird huh?
It's them newfangled video games. Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
What do you expect? Any song that namechecks Frank Zappa and the Mothers...well...timeless! :)
I think golfwidow has a point there, but hey students are students :)

When I get back from my trip I have a performance the next day and a few more coming up. Good stuff, but well...I can't really practice here :)

BTW, Congrats on how well the album is doing!!! I keep getting the Loneboy updates and do request you so I'm happy to see something is working :)
I have been meaning to see Circue du Soleil. My little 9 year old wants to learn the guitar. I don't know if that is too young. Do they make guitars for little fingers? Should I wait until she is 11? I have several email addresses and we are all voting for you.
Voted for your friend, "Paul". =)

oh yeah, 'course I voted for you again, too!

congrats on all the new students! - It's refreshing to hear (no matter the reason) that kids are interested in learning great old songs.

Best of luck w/the video shoot - can't wait to see the pix!

I'm guessing that you have to be pretty darned funny to impress the likes of the Union of Concerned Scientists....What are they concerned about?

The Chinese are an amazing bunch, and you would figure that they would have to be acrobatic to finagle their way around the streets with as many people there are that live there.

Everyone that plays guitar needs to know hot to play "Smoke on the Water." It's a ringer song to impress your friends with even though you may be completely mediocre. Then when you get a little better you can graduate to "Sweet Child O'Mine" and you're in with the cool kids for sure!
Bud: I was watching Vh1's tribute to The Who with Flaming Lips and Pearl Jam while finishing my Physical Therapy session tonight and I can tell you that Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" is the quintessential desired power chord romp for kids. But of course I have the "Machine Head" CD too. So, I guess that makes me a kid too. Very funny about the restaurant fare! :D)!
Hey, sweetie -- wanted to let you know that the link within your post for loneboystore doesn't work... might wanna check it out and fix the error in the code.

(since I know the web addy, I just voted for ya again anyway. lol)

getting excited about the video! =)
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