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Sunday, July 06, 2008


Nice, long, fun weekend. Hope yours was too. Two different parties and sets of friends. All of whom I love. Only overate once. A moment I will refer to as the great pie seduction. We were having so much fun inside, we never noticed any fireworks. Driving home we realized there must have been lots of them because the traffic jams were quite thick and plodding.

I'm noticing lately that big vehicles are starting to recognize the value of coasting to a stop light instead of burning up $4.00 gas to race to a stop. They start off much slower too. I also average about five "How do you like your Prius?" questions a day. I tell them I save so much on gas, I'm gonna upgrade my iPhone.

Alligator in June-27thTee
We finally saw the sandhill crane family strolling through our yard after a long absence precipitated by a large gator sighting. I haven't kept tabs on Sir Gator but no neighborhood poodles are missing. I never counted fish, frogs and ducks. I must shamefully admit that there are times when I wish all the wildlife wore numbered jerseys.
Sandhill Crane Family

Getting ready for a kind of tune up or rehearsal gig this Wednesday in Clearwater, FL at Pangea Cafe and International Market. Then ten days later I'll do the video gig at that location. Really looking forward to it. I hope to learn more about live sound from Tony Rockcliff in the process. Tony is shooting the video and his expertise as a sound engineer is a huge bonus in this case.

Finally, I've just found out that my song Tattoo slipped from number one to number two this week. Guess I've been asking a lot of you folks. And your efforts have been amazing and appreciated. I hope you've taken advantage of the freebies. Loneboystore's own artist, Jake Hook who has a London Gig this week climbed over top of me. Understandable. It would be wonderful if I could take that spot back next week. That's not a hint. That's a plea! Click here please and request Tattoo. Every day might do it. But I'll take what I can get and be grateful for it.

Finally we're keeping an eye on the first Atlantic Hurricane of the season, Bertha. "That's why if you please, I am on my bended knees, Bertha don't you come around here anymore." (Garcia/Hunter) I believe.

posted by Bud @ 6:56 PM

good luck at the gig Bud. and Bertha is one of the best songs ever.
"When the gas in my tank, feels like money in the bank..."

I'm glad I live in a place where there are no gators to eat my pets.
That is an awesome looking gator - awesomely dangerous too! :)
How wonderful to see your sand hill crane family :D
Our little Civic get a lot more exercise than the Explorer these days - even though the Explorer still gets 20+ mpg. Eventually the Explorer will give way to an Escape Hybrid, meanwhile I'm considering a scooter - two neighbors already have already bought Cushmans or the like.
Hope you stay clear of Bertha!
I remember those Cranes and they are a beautiful site, Bud! Unfortunately, Phoenix traffic requires additional life insurance policies to drive in. People still haven't got the message with Cadillac Excalliburs. I tried to vote but received a message the contesting was over. Must try again. This stuff only happens to me. I listened to the countdown last night after photographing Red Mountain in Mesa.
Really interesting photos. Love the cranes. As you know, we don't have critters like that up here in Philly.
If I ever run for office, I'll be counting on you to vote more than once! (You DO live in Florida, after all...d'oh!)
Glad you had a fun 'n relaxing 4th w/e! =)

Hoooray to the sandhill crane sighting!

Eeps, Bertha? - Yikes, I haven't watched the weather report lately... hope it misses ya.

Off, to rally the charts for a come-back! =)
I could never live in Florida, just because of the gators. My dogs would be goners, and I would be committed.
However, on another note, the crane family is awesome. I wish they would move next door to me and kick out the derelicts that currently reside there.

Here's to Tattoo!
I saw some gators once down there, oh yeah, and that was enough for me!

I've been requesting... I need to go check the charts this week :)
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