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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm late getting back here this week. Wish I could say it's due to the lazy days of summer but my summer days have been rather type A this year and last. My summer days need some Ritalin. Oh wait, I'm an adult, that would only make me go faster, right? Bring it on.

The video edits are going slowly. But it will get done. I've invested a lot so this isn't gonna die on cutting room floor. Just had a conversation with a former student of mine who is starting her last year of high school now. We agreed that we really do know how to stay in shape but we have these lapses. We also agreed that lapses are a good thing to preserve your sanity I just didn't time this lapse very well. So my video editing will revolve around deleting the less favorable camera angles.

Two Big Things are happening at Loneboystore for me. First of all, I'm still number One with the song Tattoo. That's 9 out of 11 weeks, fans. Thanks you so much for your unending (I hope) support. Go there and vote again please but hurry. Their voting cycle ends Thursday their time so that's about 6pm EDT Thursday for us, I think. If you miss that deadline vote anyway for next week.

Here is that link again

The second big thing is the Second Chance feature. They essentially give me a second chance as the featured artist with some other artists.

So here is the link to gohave a look, PLEASE:


I'm working hard on getting ready for all the NY gigs and the one more at Clearwater's Pangea, Cafe. I've been too busy to initiate any bookings after my return from NY. Dumb, I know, but sleep does become necessary at least once a day.

posted by Bud @ 9:11 PM

Perfection needs a little snip here and there just to get it right.

I have learned over the years that workouts take on many forms so whos to say you haven't been staying in shape in another way.

Ok I'm off to vote againg ;)
Yeah, but I never lie to myself about it. Cardio an hour a day or become SpongeBob
just knowing you are going to be in new york makes me irritable i've moved.

however, i do wear my bubu shirt... and always explain who you are.

rock on, my dear friend.
Wow, you and Mariah Carey have so much in common!


Love ya!
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