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Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm a vampire. There I said it. I have no taste for blood and I'm good in the sun but I have to admit I live off of the energy of other people. Especially if they're in my audience. My audience, most of my life, was made up of nine, ten and eleven year olds. My stage was my classroom. Since I moved to Florida and became a performer, my audience has been heavily on the other end of the timeline. But Saturday night was different.

I played a video shoot concert in downtown Clearwater's Pangea Cafe and International Market. My crowd was mixed but there was a group of teens there from a local drama class. They came with their teacher, Mona. They made me remember what I loved about teaching the most. The feeling of that give and take with young people and making the spark in their eyes turn into a bonfire of enthusiasm--that's what gets this old heart of mine beating with new life.

The one hour set I did will be edited down to a five minute promo reel and then I'll have the out takes to mess with and I hope there's enough usable stuff for Youtube. But I'll share what I can when I can and you'll see what I mean. They helped me take it to a new level. I'll keep that memory alive when I play more sedate audiences. That was the biggest learning of this past couple of months leading up to this shot. It's not about "look at me." It's about, "here's what I have for you." When you perform in a way that says, "here's my gift to you," it matters little that you don't have megastar looks. The payoff is that I gave them everything I had and still came away feeling like a grand prize recipient. A Lotto winner. I'm one lucky dude. My performance coach, Joe Yazbeck, is very very good at what he does.

Oh, yeah, and I did the shoot without glasses. I may not be thrilled with my close-ups when I see them but at least they won't be reflecting spotlights back at the camera. We got around that in the photo shoot for the album cover by tilting my glasses. That wasn't gonna work for this level of movement both by me and by the camera men. The jury is out on how I feel about this new image.

Back on Top in London's Loneboy!
I'm astounded to report that I'm back in the Number ONE spot on the chart in London. That would be the eighth week with ten weeks in the top ten. And this in a week where my link to Loneboy did not work. Thank you, my dear friends and fans! This means so much to me as I work hard to get on a solid footing with my bookings and placements.

I hope you'll keep voting for Tattoo at this link.

posted by Bud @ 10:14 AM

congrats on topping that chart dude.

you know bootsie collins never had problems doing photo and video shoots with his glasses on. maybe you just need funkier specs
It must feel great performing in front of your friends and congrats on topping the chart again. I wonder if you can wear prescription sunglasses??
Van and Aymiee, too late now. The shoot is shot. Maybe my next pair of lenses will have some kind of anti-glare stuff. Is there such a thing?
Aymiee, Thanks, it was a blast to play to that crowd and I didn't know them at all. Yeah, I'm amazed I'm on top again. I thought all you folks were sick of that.
Bud: Your chart run has been absolutely riveting! You make some excellent points about lessons you've learned and continue to inspire me. I do hope that you will use the film footage to cut it up into several You Tubes, as I feel your fans really want to see you who may be stuck in remote U.S. cities where you will not be touring. Plus a worldwide audience awaits you from your home base. In all, tons of exciting stuff happening, and I am proud of you!
Awewome. You've inspired me to go for my dreams...You don't have to be 21 years old to start a new carreer, or change your life's direction.

I thank you.
Michael, thanks, my friend. I hope to have some usable footage for that. We'll see.

Jenni, so glad you feel inspired. If there is anything I hope to leave behind it's the encouragement to others to keep moving forward, never give up and realize it's never too late. So I really really do know you can do it.
Oh, exxxxxxxxxxcellent!!! - What a fabulous update, Bud!

Your excitement is contagious, cuz I can't WAIT to see snippets of your video!

yayyyyyy to back at #1!
... off to vote again! =)

ps. LOL @ you responding to commenters now.
C'mere, you... *big hug*!
ps. I ? vampires! lol
lil bit, you know I'll share the video but I won't be dripping blood from my fangs. Thanks for voting, my friend!
HA! I have no energy to drain! You are foiled this time, my friend...
The engergy the crowd puts out supercharges everyone but it's the music that lights the fires of emotion and motion.
Oh, i sure wish I could have been there.
The top spot is nothing short of what you deserve.
And 'bonfire of enthusiasm' - that's damn good stuff.
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