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Monday, August 11, 2008


Not certain when I'll be posting again. I'll be away from home for three weeks. I'll do the best I can to update.

The first round of video editing is done and I most likely won't get to see it finished until I return. And that is only the promo reel for getting gigs. No decisions have been made on what to do with the rest of the footage.

I've talked about nothing but concentrating on the the New York gigs. But more importantly I'm going up to meet a new grandson who has not yet arrived. He's due any day now. My daughter will be relieved when he finally graces our presence. Additionally, I'll get to see my California girl granddaughter, Stella who is making the trip to meet her new cousin and she's bringing her parents along. So this happy event will cap an amazing month of family. We'll also get that whole gang together to see my sister and brother and Mom. Mom will be 92 this December and it'll be fun to see her with her great grand children.

This is a lousy time to have to try to rally my troops of fans to get me back to number one at I slipped to number two when a new artist emerged from nowhere. I hope you folks can help me out while I'm gone. It's a bigger crowd pleaser to be introduced as number one than the former number one when I do these gigs up north.

Vote at this link for Tattoo or any other song you like and vote every day PLEASE!

posted by Bud @ 8:19 AM

Man, you really is bizzee!
But it sounds like fun, and a lot of it.
A newbie will only add to your fun! Congrats :)

Email on the way!

Family breeds happiness, and you my friend, are one happy man.

Have yourself a great time!

Why is it we get busier as we get older?
Being with family of all generations is fulfilling I think.
It's one of the reasons I have manu of mine coming over on the weekend just because we are family and have shared so much together

safe journeys....

and good times.
Safe journey on the road, sweetie!

When ya get back, come get your award that's waiting for ya at my place! ;)
.... just dropping by real quick to hit your "vote" link. =)
I will be voting all week! I miss my family get-togethers and I'm sure you will be having lots of fun. What's the count now (in grandchildren?) Have a great time!! man's tonic is another man's poison!! :) Whatever works for safely, Bud!
D-man: yeah busy is fun when you consider the alternative.

Carolyn, yeah, it insures I travel about 10,000 miles a year. But I'm not complaining.

Quin, Thanks, my friend. Sorry our timing sucks.

LilBit, you're the best. Thanks, my friend.

Aymiee, Thanks for voting again. Got two little ones now. Althugh the secnd one is taing his sweet time getting here.

Mr. L. Will do, thanks.
New stork arrival, very cool Bud. Something strikes me you are one damn cool Grampa.

Cheers bro
What a whirlwind of fun and wonderful events awaiting you, Bud! We will be pulling for your safe travels and great experiences in concert!! So happy to read about you Mom and family. Great things are happening!!!! See you over at Loneboystore! :)
So great to be able to appreciate the family, enjoy!
Blowin' thru to send ya a hug on the road! =)
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