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Monday, September 15, 2008


I back up my files. I didn't loose many. But when my hard drive crashed I lost all my apps and my bookmarks and my organization. I'm rebuilding. Some of my app disks are strangely missing. My bookmarks are an even bigger blow.

First I bought a new MacBookPro to be sure I'd always have something to go to. Also my time on the road on borrowed machines and e-mailing by iPhone showed me that you can't keep a business together for three weeks like that. Then I fixed my Mac G5's HD and upgraded the OS so that now both my computers are backed up with TimeMachine so I can never lose my apps again. If the Mac itself isn't enough reason to own one, TimeMachine is the clincher. If your life revolves around your computer, this is the way to go. Hard drives always die. Brands don't matter much. Back up with TimeMachine on a Mac. 'Nough said.

Been worrying a lot about my Texas friends and their encounter with Ike. All Longhorns, report!

My promotional video is in it's last stages of editing. Then I'll have a bunch of raw performance footage I might fashion into Youtube vids. Anybody out there good at that sort of thing?

I haven't even looked at in a month. Haven't sent out any fanmail to send people there either. So I'm happy with having been number one for 10 weeks. My next focus is on using the new video to get some different gigs.

I have a blog post cooking about the lyric writing process and the way critics and judges look at them.

And over and above all of that, I'm still feeling warmed by my recent experience with my amazing daughter Bree and son-in-law, Josh and the baby Gabriel they produced. They're gonna be as good at parenting as my son Jason and daughter-in-law Anne. Stella is dragging them through the terrible twos but I'm certain everyone will survive.

posted by Bud @ 8:45 AM

Sweet that you're such a proud grandparent.

I am enjoying every year with my kids and look forward to grand someday, too.
Computers, pah.

I remember loosing it all the first time.
Never thought it would happen again so I didn't back up and it did.
Now i have 2 computers and 3 laptops not including other various storage devices saving material to.

Really important stuff I save in my hotmail account so I could access them from anywhere any time.
IUt's like my virtual safety deposit box.

I got to buy a MACBOOK one day.
I have never owned one.
Its the price than has always turned me off on them but they are coming down a bit now.

Kids and grand kids make you proud don't they.
I love being a grndparent to these particular kids. I just don't enjoy the title. So they will cal me BuBu.

Walker,Get a Mac, your time has to be worth something.
Hard drive crashing is one of my worst nightmare. In this digital age, I keep all my pics on my computer very rarely printing them or have them developed (like my parents used to do). You should see my book mark list, too!! I will have to look into TimeMacine.
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