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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm officially out of good excuses to avoid getting my to do list done. The internet has become a huge distraction and a fantastic way to avoid doing the stuff I should be doing elsewhere on the internet. Self promotion for one thing. Finishing songs for another.

I loathe self-promotion. It is the absolute worst part of being in the music business. At a time when I'm striving to ditch my ego, I am forced to brand myself. Interesting conundrum. Kind of like trying to hire White House staff that has never been involved with a lobby of any kind. And the later strikes me as a futile activity. Kind of like washing your hands in a public bathroom and then using those same hands to open the door. Those germs are everywhere.

My CD is fantastic, I played here and I played there and so and so said this and that about me. Now excuse me while I dump my ego and become one with the universe. This is an illuminating process. Must be a song in it.

Listen to me, I'm like Bob and John and Sting
Buy my records while my thoughts take wing
All my new web sites are always on go
Now excuse me while I vanquish my ego

Vanquish my ego, vanquish my ego
Trying so hard to let the ME go
I want for nothing, and you can't hurt me
I thought therefore I used to be

And so on and so forth. Can't be much market for that sort of thing. This life is such an interesting puzzle. I'm not complaining. I'm embracing, my sweet embraceable you!

posted by Bud @ 7:30 AM

Descartes blanche.
True, gotta be tough to toot your own horn while trying to remain humble.

Buuuuuut, I don't think you've been embraced ENOUGH, so here's another one...


psst, lol -- guessing I was right cuz this post is on your blog TWICE. lol ;)
I hear you. One time I was asked by a drunken patron, "Do you guys play anything GOOD?"....I told him, "" How's that for salesmanship??
Yes, tooting your own horn is hard to do.

But we have to do it or we will never be heard.
You have to have the enthusiasm to do it but if you don't maybe i can think up a couple of excuses for you to use in the meantime.
I've got a tattoo. That's sort of like branding.
Bud: You have your ego in check and it is balanced. But you must promote. Think back to the 5th grader's challenge. That is a mighty long road and a proud one. Blast that horn and rock on, my friend! You've earned it and inspire the rest of us!!!!
I don't think there's any shame in telling people you're fabulous when you so clearly are. Really, it's a public service.
the internet distrac...ohhhhhh, look, blogs!
If I only had the myriad of talents you have! Even if I had half your talent, I would fail at salesmanship. "Rejection is one thing.. but rejection from a fool is cruuuueeel.."
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