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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Company on the way here and that is going to be very special. My daughter and SIL are bringing the new grandson Gabriel. Also Fed Ex informs me a new guitar is about to arrive here. Let's see, the guitar or the baby? Just kidding.

I have been writing new songs. I'm not as adventuresome as I used to be about posting them unfinished. But then again, nothing is ever finished. Nothing is perfect. And nothing lasts for ever. So who knows, perhaps I'll stick something up here you can listen to before Christmas. Not a Christmas song. I've managed once again to not book anything during the season that would require me to play and sing Jingle frigging Bells. I did narrowly miss a New Years Eve gig that would have had me singing country tunes. I must admit that it was wise of that person to realize that they didn't need to hear a New York transplant trying to sound like someone far more, well, rural. No matter how much they could drink that night, I'm not gonna pull off Kenny Chesney. I don't usually wear hats let alone cowboy hats. I ought to write a song parody about guys who wear cowboy hats. Not my nature to be deliberately offensive, however. Wouldn't want to start a Neal Young/Lynerd Skinnard kind of thing.

I hope to have pics after this holiday. What do you want to see? The guitar or the baby?

posted by Bud @ 7:34 AM

I wanna see pix of BOTH babies, the grandsom and the guitar. Ooo, sounds like a song titled "G and G". lol

And I ? parody songs!
I say 'go for it' with the one about cowboy hats. I mean hell, Weird Al Yankovic makes a living ONLY with parodies, lol
If anyone is seriously offended, they're wound too tight and just to lighten up.

Happy Turkey Week! =)
*gobble gobble*
The baby holding the guitar!

Looks like you dodged some bullets there, country & Christmas.

Jingle Frigging Bells sounds like the title of a good anti-Christmas song though...

I like worktapes. I loved back when you would blog about the whole developmental process of a song&lyric. Then when the finished product gets released, it's like an extra present to hear that song all dressed up. :)
Definitely the baby holding the guitar. Wearing a cowboy hat and singing Conway Twitty of course. ;-)

It's About Time sounded great as the sun rose over I-80 in Iowa. And I needed it after a close call with a trucker in Nebraska. Thanks for the music my dear, and please DO post the roughs up here. It's only us after all. :-) *hug*
Write a song and call it "Guitar Baby." But you decide if it's about the grandson or the new guitar, hahaha! Keep the rest of us guessing.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!
“Jingle frigging Bells”


I see a lot of empty Cowboy hats here in Fort Worth. Real Cowboys would probably love it because they think the fakers are…well…fake.

So now you have me thinking.

I know what you mean about putting half finished songs up or stories etc.

You noticed I was supposed to be part of National Novel Writer Month but still have not posted? Now I feel I do not anyone to steal my idea.

Good to hear from you Bud. One of these days I need to make it to your place and chat. Plus I want to watch and hear you play. Know any good guitars for small hands? Not that I would buy an other one or anything.
Wow..guitar or baby... guitar or baby. I'm echoing N.Dancehall - baby holding guitar. How many guitars do you have now? Have a great Thanksgiving!
you holding gabriel holding the guitar....

then, your face after he drops it.


happy day to you, my friend, and your wonderful family...

many wishes your way.
I don't care about the baby. Let's see the guitar.

(You had to have one comment that represents the other side.)
Hey Bud: Photos of Baby AND Guitar (a Taylor, I'm guessing) would be great! What better time than now to enjoy your studio!!! Enjoy!!!!:)
Hey Bud: Photos of Baby AND Guitar (a Taylor, I'm guessing) would be great! What better time than now to enjoy your studio!!! Enjoy!!!!:)
Well, Bud, you know who my babies are! I guess if I said that I'd love to see the baby pics but I'm DYING to see the guitar pics you wouldn't be too mad at me? Oh go ahead, show them both!

Country Xmas gigs. Sounds like hell to me! Take the night off, open a nice bottle of wine and write a good song. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for our friendship! xo

I had posted a comment on this post but i guess blogger ate it up like on many other blogs. I hope you had a great visit, I know you did. I get that way when i see mine.
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