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Sunday, November 30, 2008


The Baby or the Guitar? To answer the question posed on the last post, the Baby won big over the new guitar. I didn' t play more than a few chords until after he left. I did discover, however, that I could put Gabe to sleep by letting him sit on my lap while I play harmonica. Worked like a charm twice. Funny to see him jarred awake when I hit a bad note, too.

Fantastic few days with my daughter Bree and husband Josh and Gabe. It was very hard to see them leave. We plan to spend the month of August near them in New York. I'll have some songs ready to record up there and hope to have about an EP's worth. Have to cut my costs this time.

Gabe ready for the beach The new guitar is fantastic too. When I visited the Taylor Guitar factory a couple of summers ago out in El Cajon, CA, I learned that the primo tone woods from the five hundred year old trees are nearly gone. I made up my mind then to save for that before it became completely out of reach. I also learned that the famed Taylor neck of my 1999 model is now only put on the T5, their hollow body electric, which I already own. But I needed an acoustic/electric with that neck and so had to pay to have a custom neck built. And I needed an Indian Rosewood body so that pushed me into a 914ce. I won't be buying any more guitars in the foreseeable future. This thing is beautiful and sounds better than I could have dreamed. They set up the one piece Mahogony neck perfectly and it plays like butter. This is my sixth and best Taylor. Yes, I am their whore.

I'm writing songs. If they are presentable, I'll put a sneak peek up here. But I'm becoming a lot more anal about my lyrics. So nothing is being rushed.

But in the meantime, listen to this song by my dear friend Deni Bonet. She rocks my Christmas as only a pretty and talented Jewish girl can.

posted by Bud @ 6:50 PM

Hee! All he needs are glasses and a goatee and he's you! What a cutie!
Very cute! Makes me want to have another. Also makes me want to have another guitar...
oh i love Taylors. I will have one before I die, this I swear
Awesome! - a pic with FOUR babies! lol ;)

... and how dang cute is that pic in the hat, omg!!!

Toooo funny that the harmonica put the lil one to sleep... I would think that think would be too loud and the soothing sounds of an acoustic guitar would be better -- but maybe he's just a lil hoedown, hootenannee kid. =)
Well yeah, the baby wins everytime and always will even when its 40 LOL
The new guitar sounds sweet and must be a pleasure to touch.
What a cutie-pie. He looks like such a serious little man in that first picture. It's adorable.
Ooooh, I see a little bubble on his mouth ;)

Give him a pair of dark sunglasses, a dark overcoat and that harmonica and he could be a Blues Brother! He really rocks, Bud! What a cool little guy!
I was catching up on your posts from old to new and was thinking that both would be a great idea :) Your grandson is adorable!
I'd like to get a new guitar; one I don't have to grimace to keep my chords from making that awful "you're not pressing hard enough reverb thing. I don't want to spend too much and I want it to be pretty and maybe have the capability to plug it in to an amp, just incase I find some nerve somewhere. Any suggestions? Oh and it has to be dirt cheap.

Can I hold the baby!! Nothing like baby love.
Bud, he is precious! His baby face and feet made me smile. Lucky kid gets to sit on your lap and be lulled to sleep by your lovely music.
OK Bud, I was wrong. The baby IS cuter than the guitar! Gorgeous, actually! And thank you for the song plug. You're the best and I hope we can hook up when you are here.xo

Soooo adorable! And you look more like a father than a grandfather sitting. What is your secret to looking soo young?
Wonderful post bud. The baby looks happy and should be with you playing guitar.

Glad the baby won. Really, it wasn't much of a contest, was it? :)
Funny - I had a cat that used to like being lulled to sleep by harmonica! I had to just barely breathe into it, though...if I played a strong note, the cat would wake up.

So - if Taylor runs out of '500 year-old wood', their prices will come DOWN, right??? Har, har, and again, I say: har.
I just had to scroll back down and peek at these pix... they're just so damn CUTE!
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