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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas was busy and fun and here comes the New Year already. No resolutions here. Just keep doing what I keep doing. Win every hour.

Having visited my son and his family in the Bay Area the week before Christmas, and having my daughter and her family here for Thanksgiving, the rest of the family and I got together by phone, mostly. How bad am I for not flying north at Christmas? I worked my whole life to move to Florida to avoid winter and I'm not a particular fan of Christmas or any holiday for that matter. Every day is special to me. Merry Today!

That being said, we were invited by several families for the holiday and had a splendid time. Visited with some newer friends on the eve and had a smashing dinner and got to jam with the host. I avoided eating stuff that's not good for me by performing a few secular holiday tunes. Made some new friends. Earlier in the day Cathy hosted a brunch for a close friend and her Mom. I enjoyed the company and avoided the rich food. My weight has crept up to the point that I have to take control, holiday or not.

Ironic that we spent all of Christmas day with my trainer Jitka and her family. She didn't give me any dirty looks for eating or even beat me up the following day during our weekly session. Just looking at her strength and fine form is inspiration enough to get back down to size small.

New Year's Eve we'll have our annual brunch and beach walk with our great friends Nancy and Mark. Mark is a very talented musician and we are meeting this week to discuss the details of the duo we're forming so as not to drive our wives nuts with shop talk.

The Duo is going to be terrific fun for the fact that I can't help but have fun with Mark. Clearly in my top 5 people to hang with down here. The strange part about this is that we're organizing an act around prerecorded tracks. This is not what I had ever hoped to do to keep the business going. It has become more and more necessary, with the economic downturn, to deliver a big sound for less money to get gigs in these tourist joints and at weddings and country clubs. We seem to have no shortage of them. There is a severe shortage of places where I can do solo acoustic, however. So there you have it--Bud's survival plan for when the music business swirls around the toilet.

I'm still writing much more regularly than I have in the past year, though. Not finishing but that's the way I work.

My good friend Simon Wiffen, in England has put out an excellent EP of his acoustic alternative music and it really knocks me out. Head over to iTunes and give a listen, will you?

Love and Happy New Year to all my friends in Blogland and beyond.

posted by Bud @ 2:19 PM

So your resolution is... no resolutions. You're like a vampire. you don't reflect. :D

Happy NY.

Keep rocking the downturn, my friend.
The music business is in the toilet? Couldn't tell you...I haven't had any gigs, so I haven't been in the places to - ohhh, right... :)
You might be too late for resolutions anyway. I went shopping yesterday (hoping for post-holiday markdowns) ... it's not even the New Year yet and at least one store already has Easter stuff, including Cadbury Cream Eggs.
"Just keep doing what I keep doing."... I really like that about you, cuz you do what you do so well! =)

... but you have a TRAINER? Gosh, where can I find one of 'em? lol

Glad you had such a nice trip to Cali, and I don't blame you ONE bit for not going up to Yankeeville during this time of year. Shoo, I can't stand snow. ;)

Merry Today & Everyday, my friend!
*big hugs*
I am so jazzed that your creative output is in high gear, Bud. Wish we were neighbors. I'm dying to see the new Taylor. What a wonderful instrument they make--Best! ENJOY!!!!!
Sounds like you're still having fun this week!

I totally understand about the ups/downs. I've done the big sounds of live bands which I loved, and also had to pull out those soundbeds. I really never liked the prerecorded traks and the aloneness of the stage, but when no one's hiring bands, you gotta pimp yourself out where the gigs are paying. At least the best of us can still sing with those traks. In some clubs they even make it look like the old Vegas shows with the singer out front of the shiny gold curtain and music coming from nowhere, like Sinatra, lol!

Weddings- oy! I had to finally say no to those about 4 years ago. My expenses far exceeded my pay. Maybe 'cause I'm a woman, but all the brides seemed to want me to dress to "coordinate" with their wedding ensemble which I thought was unnecessary, and very costly to me after I bought said outfit, shoes etc., and which of course never worked for the next wedding. I guess you guys are lucky- one Tux fits all, haha!
You got to do what you got to do in a tough business and it sounds like a Duo will be fun.
Have a Happy New Year Bud
Yes, I would like to one day retire in Florida. Although, I've lived in Miami and could not acclimate to the humidity. I'm right with you about the cold. I also met with a personal trainer; his hourly fee deterred me from moving forward. :( Have a fantastic New Year's!!
Just poppin' by to say...

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