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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've been home from my Cali trip since mid-day Tuesday but still feeling lagged. A four hour delay in San Francisco caused us to miss our connecting flight in Houston for bogus reasons. We spent the night in some nameless motel and arrived back in Florida to company, three dinner parties in a row and a workout regimen that won't quit. I had promised Jitka, my dominatrix trainer, that, I'd lose two pounds this week. Losing two pounds prior to Christmas and while on a trip is like losing ten pounds . But I'm there.

The trip was wonderful for the contact time I spent with my Son, DIL and granddaughter, Stella. The little two and a half year old whirlwind stole my heart. Long time readers here know that I'm not at all thrilled with the title of Grandpa but rather love the privilege of being one. When she was put to bed the first night and screamed, "Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa!" from her gated room, I had to flea the apartment before I crossed the line between helpful father/in-law and pain in the ass grandparent. The following night she went to sleep early after Cathy and I left. My son called and said that Stella, just sighed, "I love my Grandpa and I love my Cathy." So the little bugger has me tagged but Gabe, when he is able to talk, will call me BuBu. My daughter's idea which I support. Cathy is steadfastly Cathy on both coasts.

The weather in the Bay area sucked about half of the time with cold rain and just cold the rest of the time. Anything below 70 has become uncomfortable for me. But I enjoy being in a pretty place where most of the people are on my wavelength. If they could get the weather and the earthquake thing straightened out, it'd be worth a move there.

Had some gigs lined up but half of them fell through. Pretty typical. I'm enjoying the down time by writing. Made two song licensing deals. One in Seattle with Audiosocket and one in Atlanta with Atlanta Movement Radio. People don't buy music when they can steal it so easily and the near depression is not helping. But I'd make music anyway 'cause I just have to. So we also arranged to rent a house in the Hudson Valley of NY next August and Helen Avakian and I will collaborate once again on some recordings. Lots of family and friend stuff too.
Wishing you all a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Happy Kwanzaa or whatever way you role.

posted by Bud @ 5:14 PM

BuBu. Sweet.
looking forward to hearing the collabs with Helen
I'm still trying to deal with being called Dad, I don't know how i will handle grandpa.
It sucks when airlines screw up and leave you behind schedual unless its their Christmas party and you're invited.
Have a nice weekend Bu Bu, I guess it's better than Yogi
We know how much you love that you keep the baby wanting more. that's your job as Grandpa.

Sounds like you're keeping busy in the best way, Happy Happy to you too B pa.
AWWWwwwwwWWWWWaaaawwwwwWWWWaaa! LOL! Had to do that ;D

Bob had a bit of hard time w/grandpa at first too, but after 6 of 'em now... and I, although a step-gramma, would have rathered just kept it at my name like Cathy did, but little kids find it hard to say my name for some reason. It comes out "Cowin." So we go w/what my stepkids called me when they were little, "carebear." Sometimes shortened to Grandma Cowwy, lol!

Welcome home BuBu ;)
That's some exciting plans ahead.
Grandpa sounds...old. ;-)
i've become 'nonnie'... except to my daughter's 'new' daughter, who has trouble going from the prior miss quin to nonnie.

so, i'm miss nonnie.

i can live with that.
Bud: I've said this before...but you and Cathy are the youngest Grandpa and Grandma I know of! Sorry I've been away with Laprop snafus and the Flu. This is new to me hearing about the gigs disappearing..WTF? You have a great attitude. I saw Jason's new axe---isn't that exciting? I LOVED hearing that you and Helen are getting back to collaborate. If I could just borrow her for one week I'd be thrilled!!! The music biz is going to work itself out, Bud. Just stay focused on your talent and your heart. You are going places!!!! Love to You and Cathy!!!!!!:)
Merry Christmas to you and yours
Merry Christmas to you both! :)
BuBu! OMG, how cute is that!

Here, with the trainer again ... She MUST be a dominatrix, making you LOSE weight, here at the holidaze, sheesh! lol
(note to self: start back up with 'Ass & Abs' routine in '09 to keep up w/BuBu, lol)

Oh dang, sucks that the weather was crappy for ya, but I know that was secondary to spending time with the fam... especially the lil one. =)
And, sad to hear some of your gigs fell thru on ya, but as they say in the biz.. "that's the breaks, kid". ;)
Keep on keeping on, dear! =)
Hey, I was in the East Bay this past weekend. And yes, it is also very uncomfortable for me with temperatures under 70! I don't know what I hate more.. driving 4 hours to SF or flying there and risking delays at the airport.
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