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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Getting ready to fly out to the San Francisco Bay Area Friday to see family. Stella, the smiliest little dancing 2 year old I know. And of course, her parents. It'll be a long weekend but way too short.

Scrambling to get some more gigs together. The most hated part of the business. Why do all the booking agents I know suck so badly? I don't have time to be my own booking agent, Jeri Goldstein! Somebody out there, save me!

Speaking of Led Zep (Going to California--get it?) I desparately need a standard tuning version of the song Going to California. I do not want to drag a third guitar to a gig tuned to whatever Jimmy Page calls that weird tuning for one stnking song. I've Googled the snot out of it and gave up after three pages. So if anybody out there has a tabbed version of it in standard tuning, please let me know and link me up.

Finally, I seem to have lost some important contact info for my Cali contacts. No time to see any of you this weekend anyway but I'd love to give you a call and chat while I'm in the same time zone. E-mail me a number, okay?

Hope to post next week.

posted by Bud @ 3:02 PM

Woot! San Fran! -- Have a BIIIIIIIG ole time, hon!

hmmm... no clue where to find what you need for the Led Zep tune, but if you get it figured out & lay a track, THAT needs to be audioposted on here STAT! lol

I'm not in Cali, so no need to email a #, lol, but I owe you an email anyway. ;)

Have fun!
I love San Francisco -- I'm hoping I can sneak a visit in this year, when I'm visiting my client over in Oakland.

Have a fun trip!
Safe travels Bud! The music business is hard work--always knocking on doors...
sweet! have a safe and fun trip!
Sun and surf alot better than snow and ice.

Have a fun time and a safe trip.
Good luck with the bookings
I have no idea, but if I had to guess from my memory of the song...dropped D or DADGAD maybe? That probably doesn't help much - and I don't have a guitar (or the song) handy to figure it out. LOL.
What a help I am, eh?? :)
Well I hope you enjoy Cali.
I always do.
I hope you travelled well, Bud. I know what a whilrwind so-called "long weekends" can be so I'm hoping there was at least time for your heart to get near bursting.
Hey Bud, sorry it's been so long. But I have the Flu and my computer hard drive is still out. But I'll e-mail you my guitar teacher. he likely has the Tabs you need! Have a safe trip, my friend!:)
I know I've got tab for that somewhere. Where? Somewhere.

Hope the trip was/is great.
ARRGH... I wished I had checked online but have been offline visiting folks the last couple of weeks or I would have attempted to meet up with you in SF. Anyway, next time!!!
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