Monday, April 14, 2008


I've been waiting to have news on the sandhill, cranes. They do appear to be sitting on new eggs. It's late in the nesting season for them. I hope the make it this time.

Last week we went to four different events at the Sarasota Film Festival. It gets more popular every years. They run a series called "Conversations With..." which are life live versions of Inside the Actors' Studio. In a small old opera house on the campus of The New College at FSU. The first one we went to was with the events big award winner, Liv Ullamn. She was charming and humorous and totally normal. She told many inside stories but the best was about Woody Allen and Ingmar Bergman.

She and Bergman had been married for a short time and had a child together. Remained close after the breakup and he continued to direct her in many landmark films. She was doing Broadway and very hot when Woody came into the picture. "He started taking me to dinner," Liv recalled with a look of incredulousness. "I knew he had a fixation on Bergman and it wasn't long before I realized it was him he was interested in, not me." One day Bergman called Liv and said he wanted to see her on the stage and that he would come to a show and stay just one day. So she mentioned it to Woody and baited him with something like, "You wouldn't want to meet him, would you?" He pounced on the invitation. Meanwhile, it seems Bergman admired Woody with equal fervor and also pounced on the opportunity to meet one he considered his American equal.

Liv told how Woody rented a limo to pick her up after the theater. The driver wore white gloves. The went up to Bergman's suite at the Pierre and the master himself answered the door. Liv introduced the two men and they shook hands but said nothing to each other. Admiring smiles were all that was exchanged. At dinner they continued this mutual smile fest and said nothing to each other. Liv was empathic about that. Not a word was exchanged. So she was left to make conversation with Mrs. Bergman about meatballs while the two men continued to communicate in complete silence on a level understood only by them. At the conclusion of the evening the spell was not broken. Back down in the limo afterwards, Liv asked Woody what he thought of the evening. "Incredible!" he beamed. "The most amazing evening of my life." Later that evening at home she got a call from Bergman who said his evening was also "Incredible" and the best of his life. " So I guess it was a case of the two masters not wanting to give themselves away to each other," Liv explained.

Stanley Tucci, later in the week, was also very down to earth. It was quite fun to listen to this conversation. I was heartened by his admission that when he plays on ER he has most of his medical dialog printed out for him on a clipboard, I cant remember those complicated medical terms, Tucci said. I have to write them down on my clipboard. In fact, its part of the stage directions in the script now, that Dr. Moretti has his clipboard. They all know I cant remember. I often draw a blank even on lyrics I wrote when I'm performing and there is a distraction of any kind. So it's a relief to know there are well known performers who have their brain dead moments. I was also thrilled that the reason he doesn't do theater much is, Its difficult for me to do the same thing over and over for six months. You start to go crazy. This is why I get irritated when some of my casual patrons ask me to perform the same beach music they can hear in every Florida music venue over and over and over. I always want to say, "You own the record, go home and listen to it." But I don't because like most of my colleagues at my level in this business, I'm a whore.

Cathy took some shots of both of these luminaries. That's Liv Ullman on the left and Stanley Tucci with the moderator below and on the right. Sorry we never ran into Charlize Theron who was also there to receive an award.
Liv Ullmann at Sarasota Film Fest Stanley Tucci At Sarasota Film Fest

Bud and  Patrik

Finally on Sunday we attended a first birthday for my little Czech/American Godson Patrik. He really only wanted to be held by all the pretty ladies there. He only put up with me for a bit because I introduced him to his feet, of which he is very fond. Later he did grab my guitar but the photo was one of those psycho ward photos that you just don't put out there. Unless it's of Stanley Tucci.

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