Monday, May 19, 2008


The radio page has the following announcement:

18.05.08 - Storming straight to the top of this weeks chart is featured artist Bud Buckley, congratulations go to him and the huge support he has received this week, with 5 fallers, 2 climbers, 2 re-entries and one new entry the chart is having a good old shake up. Can we expect a brand new number one next week or will the huge success continue for Bud Buckley, check back next week for more details...

Thanks to many of you readers and a bunch of my fans who never come here, I am sitting at Number One on the radio chart this week. You have made more requests for my song, Let Me Go, than any other song they play out of hundreds of artists. In fact an e-mail from them referred to your effort as "staggering." I love having the word "staggering" applied to me when it has nothing to do with the way I'm walking or when it's not used as a modifier with words like "stupidity" or "untalented." My status as Featured Artist will continue until near the end of the month. I hope my status as number one will continue for at least that long.

You folks made all the difference for me. THANK YOU.

I still need people to visit there regularly and put in a request, so please click the banner link again and again. If I stay on top of that chart long enough, I might even sell a few CDs!

How to make money blogging
I recently discovered a terrific site called who will pay you to make recommendations on your blog about a variety of products. So from time to time I will be running an ad and a recommendation here but only if I really have faith in the product. If you're interested in having the same deal on your blog, PLEASE contact me so I can use my affiliate status and get you set up.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008



It would be enormously helpful to me if you can visit my Featured Artist Page between now and next Wednesday and make a request for me in the lower right hand corner of the page.

I've been lucky enough to be chosen by this exciting English site to be their Featured Artist for the week. If you could send in a request or two it would help me gain some traction in the UK where my CD is being sold by Loneboy.

Click the banner link below and go to the bottom right where it says requests and sick me in there. It would be verry cool also if you could start a discussion about me o that link as well. Thanks so much!


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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


New Crane Chicks a few hours old.2 The sandhill cranes who live in my back yard managed to hatch two chicks on Tuesday. This after they lost there first eggs to a flood about six or seven weeks ago. These things are the size of full grown Cornish Game Hens, I would estimate. the parents stir up insects, grubs and various crawlies for them to eat. We'll be keeping a close eye on them.

Here's an advance look at a review that is coming out later this summer in Notice the link on the left column. Go have a look. It's a pretty neat publication. The editor, Ellen Aldridge, agreed to let me post it here while she irons out some production problems that delayed her Spring issue.

ItÕs About Time- Bud Buckley 2007

Experience sets apart the dreamers from the hopeless romantics, and with an education in journalism this guitar teacher, Bud Buckley, combines all the necessary facets to write moving songs.
He writes universally about ideas which speak to individuals without being clichˇ.

Buckley states "Let Me Go"(the opening track and my favorite) was inspired by Terri Schiavo, but his lyrics read like a "dear John" letter or a manifesto written by a madman ranting about being trapped inside a mechanical body or society refusing to listen to the melodies escaping from the vibrations of body language. The art in music lies in the interpretation, so make sure to read the lyrics as well as groove to his tunes.

The line that hits me like a rock to the back of the head in "Keeping Secrets" is simply, "I didn't mean to sink my stones". This line shifts consciousness from early childhood memories and play to the hard-hitting truth of an entropic reality. Energy dissipates and relationships grow old and stale. The secret's out. Everything changes.

I love "Elevator" just because of the double entendre in the wordÕs sound "elevate her".

"Crowded Memory" closes the course of haunted-sounding, stream-of-consciousness songs in BuckleyÕs debut album, "ItÕs About Time", with repetitive choral lines and ghostly harmonies. The name of this album alone shows the dynamic of hidden meanings in melody and lyrics. I give his "ItÕs About Time" 4/5 stars and urge fans of music and writing alike to check out Bud Buckley's fine blend of inspired songs at his website DonÕt "make me beg".

Review by Ellen Aldridge, Editor-In-Chief of Target Audience Magazine.

You Have Some Photos That Fit My Songs?
Finally, my new website for CD Sales is nearly completed and I looking for photos to make slide shows to accompany the music. I've collected a bunch from total strangers around the world off of Flikr. I want to extend the same invitation to you, my Blogpals. You have any photos that might fit some of the subject matter? Have a look at my Lyrics page. Any photo that fits with any line or phrase will be considered. I'd give you full credit, of course. Let me know, please.

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