Sunday, June 29, 2008


Busy weekend. But fun. Dinner with dear friends including my godson, Patrik who is suddenly walking. We watched him sleeping on a monitor later and were amazed at what an active sleeper he is. I don't know how he gets any rest. It figures he gets exercise in his sleep as his Mom, Jitka, is also my physical trainer.

Spent Sunday in Clearwater, FL at a music business seminar in Pangea Cafe and International Market. Extremely nice place and a new gig venue for me. I have three gigs there before I head to New York for five more gigs. I did a talk radio interview in Clearwater on Friday with my performance coach Joe Yazbeck. They played my song Keeping Secrets and compared me with Mark Knopfler. I've heard that before but about my vocals. One isolated little guitar riff sounds like Knopfler but it was done on a classical guitar in the studio. I'm not performing with a classical and it doesn't come off the same on steel. Long story but that's it. Got some work to do before that gig, I have to tell you. I'll post an MP3 of the interview when I get it.

The music seminar was also given by Joe Yazbeck the executive producer of Heartbeat Productions and Tony Rockcliff who has a very impressive resume as a producer. Tony is shooting my video on July 19 at Pangea.

And in other fantabulous news, I'm STILL NUMBER ONE. That's Seven Weeks, fans! Thanks you very much. Please continue to go to Loneboy and request my song Tattoo.

Vote often. Think American Idol. Only this is in London, England so it's a little like getting back at Simon.

Here's what they said this week:
29.06.08 - Holding strong to his top spot for the seventh week in a row is Bud Buckley and this week the guys are fighting back and taking six of this week chart positions. Congratulations go to Sophia Bass making her LoneBoyStore debut, to Robert Lamm also holding firm in the number four position, and to this weeks highest climber up five places to number two is Jake Hook. Great to welcome back Chris Swinney and Elle Scott and Featured Artists Coolhunter.

Jake Hook (number2 ands rising) is actually signed with LoneBoy as one of their performers and tours for them. So this is huge for me to stay atop that list. I'd love to do an English tour as a result. Your help is graciously appreciated!

Hmm, interesting that we make it a full two months on the top of that English chart on Independence Day weekend, huh?

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Monday, June 23, 2008


I have the distinct impression everyone is tired of this story. So I'll save it for later.

Our sandhill cranes are, on last report, doing well, although I haven't seen them in about two weeks. Not since the gators chased them away. Life in Florida. It's always a trade off. Fabulous weather and nightly thunder showers. Astounding tropical birds and gators who eat them. And it goes on and on, believe me. The good is good enough that the bad doesn't matter that much to me. We call it the sunshine discount. It's just life in Florida.

One of the guys shooting my video wants me to do it without glasses. I can see okay without them. They're just kind of comforting to me. He thinks I look better without them. I wonder if anybody I have met in the last fifteen years or so would recognize me without them. That would include all of my fans. Your comments on this are appreciated. I'm undecided.

And finally, the moment you've been waiting for. I'm number one for the sixth week at! I want to go to England as long as I'm kicking ass on a music chart there.

Here are the usual items to go with this story: First the link to go request me again, please. Tattoo is the song that's currently numero uno.

Here's the latest post they put up:

22.06.08 - Females dominate this weeks chart with no less than six on this weeks chart, three re-entries from Bernadette Lawrence, Erene and store favourite Natascha Sohl. Still holding on to his number one position is Bud Buckley for another week but will he be able to hold off the ladies, holding firm at the number four position is the fantastic Robert Lamm with his new cd 'The Bossa Project'. Check back next week to see if our number one will be bumped from the top or if he can hold fast for another week....

Finally, I wish you'd get on my Reverbnation fan list if you haven't done that already. If you do, please put in you home town so I can eventually direct stuff to you or away from you when o don't need it. Here's that link:


Hope I can tell you about week seven next week but not before I fill you in on other stuff.

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Monday, June 16, 2008


Five in Five! On the chart five weeks and Number One for five weeks. This time with the song Tattoo. Don't ask me how that happened. But who can complain with two number one songs? THAT was a pleasant Father's Day Gift, thank you very much.

If you're on my Reverbnation Fan List you know about this and have voted again, I hope. This is what indie musicians have to do instead of paying publicists a cajillion dollars. Or a Brazilian if you're W. "How many is a Brazilian anyway?"

I would be ever so grateful if you put yourself on my fan list with the opt in below. Just be sure and list your town so I can start to use that thing more selectively.


I'm actively booking out of town stuff. Starting with the Mid Hudson region of New York. I've booked a Hometown CD Release concert at the Hyde Park Library Annex on August 23 and at least four other dates around that time in that same general area. Looking forward to other exciting things to happen too. I'll announce as they happen.

I have a new video shoot coming up on July 19 in Clearwater, FL at a place called Pangea Cafe and International Market. Hot new venue there. It'll be edited down as a short promo video. I can use out takes for future video projects too, I guess.

On the part of the world that is not my music: We have a couple of gators in our pond who scared away our Sandhill Crane family. Everybody with a little dog around the pond is freaking but I don't think the Florida wildlife people will remove the gators uless they actually eat a dog. Nasty Catch 22 that, huh?

I'm babysitting Patrik today. I really have to learn some Czech but my mouth won't make most of those sounds. Bilingual little wise ass.

Gas is $4.00 and I'm driving a Prius! I won't gloat. Much.

I'll get some gator pics and gig ics up soon. Now get out of here and go to and request Tatto for me, wouldja, please?

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Sunday, June 08, 2008


I hope you're not tired of this. I'm not. I'm NUMBER ONE Again. That's FOUR WEEKS. If you've been helping out by going to this site and requesting Let Me Go over and over again every day and keeping me on top. I want to give you something. And I will if you're on my Fan List which you can get on by responding to the Reverberation box below. Many of you have but here you go:


That way I have an automated way of thanking you, informing you, letting you know when I play in your area and toss you other freebies. Like ring tones. I know how to make them. Anybody out there know how to make them downloadable and free to my fans? I want to do that. HELP!

Loneboy has been getting in touch with my fans to ask them if they want to take part in a Q&A. You ask, I answer. In a Podcast. Come on, let me have it. I probably won't lie. Unless you ask my age.

I've been doing weddings lately. Interesting time. I know I'm gonna get some songwriting ideas out of them. Next week I'm playing a short set at a reunion party for a now defunct coffee house I used to play called Stir the Soul, here in Venice. More songwriting potential. I promise to NOT write about songwriting or songwriters. Or not so as you would know it, anyway.

Another favor you might feel inclined to do for me: My new CD sales site is up. If you just pop in there for a few seconds on this link, it'll help move me up in the search engine. I have some other ingenious stuff planned to help with that but It'll take a while.

So come on help me give you stuff. If you can tell me quickly how to give away ring tones, I'll give you some. If you get on my fan list (in case you're not there already), you'll have first notice that a freebie is on the way.

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Monday, June 02, 2008


I have the best fans but I'm a bad blogger lately. They (and you) have kept me on top of the LoneBoy Charts in London for Three weeks. Do I hear FOUR?

If you somehow did not get an e-mail from me, regarding this, you hide well. Here's the link to put in a request for my song, Let Me Go. Scroll down to the left. And thanks so much.

Here's what they posted Sunday night:
02.06.08 - Bud Buckley continues his reign at the top of our chart but with Light Rain holding onto the number five positions and re-entries from Alex Kajumulo, Pete Martin and Griffin Anthony, will he still be number one next week? Congratulations go to newcomer Eric Terdjman making his debut this week at number 10...

Just moments ago I got an e-mail from LoneBoy asking if I'd consent to a Q and A generated by questions from my fans. So if you're on my list you may be hearing from them. Here's the opening to that e-mail, "Congratulations! You are to date the most popular artist ever to feature on LoneBoyStore" You have to understand that there are many former teachers of mine who would think that is science fiction. Especially the words "most popular" modifying the word "artist." Take that, Sister Mary Confusing!

So all I do lately is work the web for this kind of thing, rehearse for the wedding gigs I've been playing, teach guitar, attempt to have a workout schedule and a family life. Yeah, I know, sad that it is in that order. But these things ebb and flow. Right now, I'm riding this particular wave to get some recognition.

I badly miscalculated what my tour schedule ought to be at this time of the year. I have two very good reviews coming out of Atlanta, One, from Target Audience Magazine, I posted here already although it's not yet published. The other, also not yet published from Performer Magazine, is coming out too late to help me book anything up the coast. Then there is also the fact that my booking skills are in need of some assistance. Booking agents are just too unreliable and to do it all myself means I don't work on music. This is a crazy business.

My songwriting has been nonexistent unless you count the constant notes I'm scrawling into little notebooks. But I'm not complaining. After all, I am Number One on at least one chart. Thanks, my friends.

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