Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm late getting back here this week. Wish I could say it's due to the lazy days of summer but my summer days have been rather type A this year and last. My summer days need some Ritalin. Oh wait, I'm an adult, that would only make me go faster, right? Bring it on.

The video edits are going slowly. But it will get done. I've invested a lot so this isn't gonna die on cutting room floor. Just had a conversation with a former student of mine who is starting her last year of high school now. We agreed that we really do know how to stay in shape but we have these lapses. We also agreed that lapses are a good thing to preserve your sanity I just didn't time this lapse very well. So my video editing will revolve around deleting the less favorable camera angles.

Two Big Things are happening at Loneboystore for me. First of all, I'm still number One with the song Tattoo. That's 9 out of 11 weeks, fans. Thanks you so much for your unending (I hope) support. Go there and vote again please but hurry. Their voting cycle ends Thursday their time so that's about 6pm EDT Thursday for us, I think. If you miss that deadline vote anyway for next week.

Here is that link again

The second big thing is the Second Chance feature. They essentially give me a second chance as the featured artist with some other artists.

So here is the link to gohave a look, PLEASE:


I'm working hard on getting ready for all the NY gigs and the one more at Clearwater's Pangea, Cafe. I've been too busy to initiate any bookings after my return from NY. Dumb, I know, but sleep does become necessary at least once a day.

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Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm a vampire. There I said it. I have no taste for blood and I'm good in the sun but I have to admit I live off of the energy of other people. Especially if they're in my audience. My audience, most of my life, was made up of nine, ten and eleven year olds. My stage was my classroom. Since I moved to Florida and became a performer, my audience has been heavily on the other end of the timeline. But Saturday night was different.

I played a video shoot concert in downtown Clearwater's Pangea Cafe and International Market. My crowd was mixed but there was a group of teens there from a local drama class. They came with their teacher, Mona. They made me remember what I loved about teaching the most. The feeling of that give and take with young people and making the spark in their eyes turn into a bonfire of enthusiasm--that's what gets this old heart of mine beating with new life.

The one hour set I did will be edited down to a five minute promo reel and then I'll have the out takes to mess with and I hope there's enough usable stuff for Youtube. But I'll share what I can when I can and you'll see what I mean. They helped me take it to a new level. I'll keep that memory alive when I play more sedate audiences. That was the biggest learning of this past couple of months leading up to this shot. It's not about "look at me." It's about, "here's what I have for you." When you perform in a way that says, "here's my gift to you," it matters little that you don't have megastar looks. The payoff is that I gave them everything I had and still came away feeling like a grand prize recipient. A Lotto winner. I'm one lucky dude. My performance coach, Joe Yazbeck, is very very good at what he does.

Oh, yeah, and I did the shoot without glasses. I may not be thrilled with my close-ups when I see them but at least they won't be reflecting spotlights back at the camera. We got around that in the photo shoot for the album cover by tilting my glasses. That wasn't gonna work for this level of movement both by me and by the camera men. The jury is out on how I feel about this new image.

Back on Top in London's Loneboy!
I'm astounded to report that I'm back in the Number ONE spot on the chart in London. That would be the eighth week with ten weeks in the top ten. And this in a week where my link to Loneboy did not work. Thank you, my dear friends and fans! This means so much to me as I work hard to get on a solid footing with my bookings and placements.

I hope you'll keep voting for Tattoo at this link.

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Monday, July 14, 2008


My friend Dead Guy or Ignatious Dedd, you may recall, is an amazingly funny cartoonist who stopped blogging a while back. He stays in touch from time to time and posts a few items on Myspace. I learned today that he has a cartoon selected for a calendar put out by the Union of Concerned Scientists and he's up for a prize as a result. I hope you find him as amusing as I do and will go have a look at his cartoon. He's using the name Paul Malden and his cartoon is number 9 on this site. I hope you'll have a look and vote for him.

I'm getting ready to shoot some video of a concert I'm doing next Saturday in Clearwater. The objective is to get a five minute promotional reel but I'm hoping to get a lot of other useful footage as well. Of course I'll release it to you on completion. I feel very positive about it going in and I'm looking forward to a good time. That is where my focus is this week.. If you're local and you're reading this, I hope you can come be in my video at Pangea Cafe in downtown Clearwater.

I want to thank those of you who have tirelessly requested my songs on over the last couple of months. Being on top meant a lot to me. There have been many technical difficulties and downright weirdness going on there which I have no explanation for. But I'm happy to be sitting at number 2 under the stores' own artist. Here's that link again.

We went to see some Chinese acrobats Saturday night. It would be inaccurate to call it a Chinese Cirque du Soleil. I've seen Cirque twice and never saw most of those stunts before. Sliding down a 30 foot pole head first by one's legs and stopping before the face plant, is a new one to me but I guess I haven't seen everything. They were a highly entertaining troupe of youngsters and I hope they aren't eating in the local Chinese restaurants as they are dreadful. Maybe their Mamas packed them a picnic basket or they're living on fragrant meat jerkies. Cathy loved the food in China because it was nothing like the Chinese food we get here. So I'm sure their acrobatic digestive systems were shocked.

There's been a surge in new guitar students lately. Can anyone explain to me how eleven year olds are so aware of Deep Purple? They all want to learn Smoke on the Water. Two new adult students coming this week. It's always fun to see what they're desired playlist is. I always wind up teaching myself new stuff to teach them.

I hope to have pics from the video shoot next week. Have a good one.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008


Nice, long, fun weekend. Hope yours was too. Two different parties and sets of friends. All of whom I love. Only overate once. A moment I will refer to as the great pie seduction. We were having so much fun inside, we never noticed any fireworks. Driving home we realized there must have been lots of them because the traffic jams were quite thick and plodding.

I'm noticing lately that big vehicles are starting to recognize the value of coasting to a stop light instead of burning up $4.00 gas to race to a stop. They start off much slower too. I also average about five "How do you like your Prius?" questions a day. I tell them I save so much on gas, I'm gonna upgrade my iPhone.

Alligator in June-27thTee
We finally saw the sandhill crane family strolling through our yard after a long absence precipitated by a large gator sighting. I haven't kept tabs on Sir Gator but no neighborhood poodles are missing. I never counted fish, frogs and ducks. I must shamefully admit that there are times when I wish all the wildlife wore numbered jerseys.
Sandhill Crane Family

Getting ready for a kind of tune up or rehearsal gig this Wednesday in Clearwater, FL at Pangea Cafe and International Market. Then ten days later I'll do the video gig at that location. Really looking forward to it. I hope to learn more about live sound from Tony Rockcliff in the process. Tony is shooting the video and his expertise as a sound engineer is a huge bonus in this case.

Finally, I've just found out that my song Tattoo slipped from number one to number two this week. Guess I've been asking a lot of you folks. And your efforts have been amazing and appreciated. I hope you've taken advantage of the freebies. Loneboystore's own artist, Jake Hook who has a London Gig this week climbed over top of me. Understandable. It would be wonderful if I could take that spot back next week. That's not a hint. That's a plea! Click here please and request Tattoo. Every day might do it. But I'll take what I can get and be grateful for it.

Finally we're keeping an eye on the first Atlantic Hurricane of the season, Bertha. "That's why if you please, I am on my bended knees, Bertha don't you come around here anymore." (Garcia/Hunter) I believe.

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