Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Promo Reel

The thing I hate about being an independent musician is being my own publicist and booking agent. I'm hoping to get into a position to hand some of that work over.

I linked up with an excellent performance coach, Joe Yazbeck of HeartBeat Productions in Clearwater. We worked hard for about three months getting ready for the concert that became the stuff of the promo reel. I can't say enough about how good Joe is at what he does. If you're in the business, you owe it to yourself to check him out.

So here's the promo reel. It'll be on my site when they get it processed and I hope it nets me some more work. I hope to use the rest of the footage shot by Tony Rockliff to edit some performance videos. If you know anybody who likes to do that sort of thing, please send them my way.

Here you go:

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Monday, September 15, 2008


I back up my files. I didn't loose many. But when my hard drive crashed I lost all my apps and my bookmarks and my organization. I'm rebuilding. Some of my app disks are strangely missing. My bookmarks are an even bigger blow.

First I bought a new MacBookPro to be sure I'd always have something to go to. Also my time on the road on borrowed machines and e-mailing by iPhone showed me that you can't keep a business together for three weeks like that. Then I fixed my Mac G5's HD and upgraded the OS so that now both my computers are backed up with TimeMachine so I can never lose my apps again. If the Mac itself isn't enough reason to own one, TimeMachine is the clincher. If your life revolves around your computer, this is the way to go. Hard drives always die. Brands don't matter much. Back up with TimeMachine on a Mac. 'Nough said.

Been worrying a lot about my Texas friends and their encounter with Ike. All Longhorns, report!

My promotional video is in it's last stages of editing. Then I'll have a bunch of raw performance footage I might fashion into Youtube vids. Anybody out there good at that sort of thing?

I haven't even looked at in a month. Haven't sent out any fanmail to send people there either. So I'm happy with having been number one for 10 weeks. My next focus is on using the new video to get some different gigs.

I have a blog post cooking about the lyric writing process and the way critics and judges look at them.

And over and above all of that, I'm still feeling warmed by my recent experience with my amazing daughter Bree and son-in-law, Josh and the baby Gabriel they produced. They're gonna be as good at parenting as my son Jason and daughter-in-law Anne. Stella is dragging them through the terrible twos but I'm certain everyone will survive.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Freshly back from the New York visit/tour. Sitting on the outer fringe of Hurricane Ike. No damage. Just needed rain.

I'm buried in things to catch up on. The trip was so full of fantastic stuff that it's easy to overlook the disappointments. First of all, I'm missing baby Gabriel. I may need to buy a doll 'cause I'm used to letting that little dude sleep on me for a few hours a day. I'll have to wait until Thanksgiving. And then December for Stella, my smiley dancing California two year old.

The number of friends, young and older that I connected with was impressive and satisfying. Yet there were so many more I missed completely. The pain of loving and missing so many is softened by those who make an effort to connect. Yeah, that's gotta be a song.

Played a gig far enough north from my old home to not expect many to show up. Sill I had a short list of possibilities. None of them showed but one completely unexpected one did. It was brief and sweet and blew my mind. The feeling that I'd run into people from long ago and having others show up instead was a recurring event over the three weeks I was in NY. That has to be a song too but it's already so much like the first line of my song Let Me Go:
Took so long to find you
I did me over and you found me.

That song, by the way, was just released as the number two song on a compilation CD called Chill Out, East Coast Edition Vol 14.

I'm long overdue to post about the lyric writing process. A lot goes on here but things don't get finished these days.

How ironic is it that I travel from my home in Florida to get pummeled by tropical storm Hanna in New York? It should have shut off my last and potentially best gig at Dockside Pub, a very cool haven for independent musicians in Mahopac. Nine of my fans braved the storm and the long drive. A small handful of locals showed up. But I enjoyed playing to that crowd and I was invited back so it went well despite the storm diluted attendance.

The following morning, Lisa B and her BF (who will as HCFG to bloggers but not me,) took me to breakfast. Lisa is about the 9th blogger I have met face to face. There are several others I haven't met face to face but I feel so close to that it's as if we had been friends for years. Lisa was a delight to meet and the conversation flowed as I expected it would into easy and entertaining fun. They attempted to make it to my gig the night before but were held off my the televised tornado warnings. It worked out better for me as we got to spend a couple of hours together instead of a quick chat between sets.

I left them to pick up Cathy at the airport. She flew up so I wouldn't have to drive 1500 miles home by myself. Just having her next to me completes my life. We met up with Bree, Josh and Baby Gabe at my sister's just forty-five minutes past the site of the Woodstock Festival in Bethel. My dear friend/producer Helen Avakian was playing there but we couldn't get there and also keep a newborn happy that long. We also needed to present him to my ailing 92 year old mother. She isn't able to say much these days but did smile and coo and hold Gabe. Later she managed to thank me for bringing him. She also can say, "I love you." We tell each other that a lot. Spending time with my sister and brother and brother-in-law and their various pets is always a treat I don't get enough of.

The drive home was easy and uneventful although we took two days. There were at least five other bloggers I didn't get to see on this trip. Some in the NY area and some in the Atlanta area and one in West Virginia. These are must meet people and I know it's gonna happen one day. I keep looking for festival opportunities in other areas of the country and Canada and England too. Just so I can finally rub elbows with those of you out there in Blogland I feel so close to.

Now I'm back to getting caught up in real life.

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Monday, September 01, 2008


I recorded a song called First Time Home on my last CD. It tried to capture the exquisite feelings of returning back to the place of my entire adult life after I retired and moved to Florida. But this present trip deserves more than one song because it involves so many intimate feelings with so many people I love. Not quite an opera as I don't swing that way but certainly a suite. Or even a sweet.

The gigs are nearly over. One last big one to go. So far, so good. The first was the best at the Hyde Park Library Series. My timing for this event was the worst. All my college aged friends are back in school, the county fair was in full swing, my teacher friends were off on vacation before they had to start up. But I still filled the room and it was a fun evening.
Besides reconnecting with some very dear olds friends, young and older, I was the beneficiary of a special treat. I got to see a flower bloom by the name of Janette Marie. When she was my fifth grade student, I called her Janie and still do. She taught herself guitar and has started to write songs and is a real talent. Coincidentally, she works at the Library so it was only natural that I asked her to open for me. Great choice. It was rare fun to get to know her as an adult and work with her professionally. She also joined me on a few of my songs.

I reconnected with many friends but nothing can top the arrival of my grandson Gabriel and the special connections and reconnections he generated. My daughter, Bree, was in labor for 37 hours and Cathy and I were privileged to spend most of that time with her as well as the moments just before and after the C-section they finally decided to perform to bring Gabriel into the world as we know it. I'll skip the usuaL gushing. I’ll just say we really are bonding. And my bond with my daughter, step son and ex-wife has also become stronger. Yeah, Gabriel performed a miracle as Cathy and I finally have a normal and happy relationship with my ex. Let's just say that it's remarkable.

I'll have to post more as this story develops in my head. It keeps unfolding new feelings so it's pointless to try to describe it all now. My son, his wife and my granddaughter have just arrived and this will add still more to the story and my crowded emotions. Further scrawling here will have to wait.

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