Sunday, November 30, 2008


The Baby or the Guitar? To answer the question posed on the last post, the Baby won big over the new guitar. I didn' t play more than a few chords until after he left. I did discover, however, that I could put Gabe to sleep by letting him sit on my lap while I play harmonica. Worked like a charm twice. Funny to see him jarred awake when I hit a bad note, too.

Fantastic few days with my daughter Bree and husband Josh and Gabe. It was very hard to see them leave. We plan to spend the month of August near them in New York. I'll have some songs ready to record up there and hope to have about an EP's worth. Have to cut my costs this time.

Gabe ready for the beach The new guitar is fantastic too. When I visited the Taylor Guitar factory a couple of summers ago out in El Cajon, CA, I learned that the primo tone woods from the five hundred year old trees are nearly gone. I made up my mind then to save for that before it became completely out of reach. I also learned that the famed Taylor neck of my 1999 model is now only put on the T5, their hollow body electric, which I already own. But I needed an acoustic/electric with that neck and so had to pay to have a custom neck built. And I needed an Indian Rosewood body so that pushed me into a 914ce. I won't be buying any more guitars in the foreseeable future. This thing is beautiful and sounds better than I could have dreamed. They set up the one piece Mahogony neck perfectly and it plays like butter. This is my sixth and best Taylor. Yes, I am their whore.

I'm writing songs. If they are presentable, I'll put a sneak peek up here. But I'm becoming a lot more anal about my lyrics. So nothing is being rushed.

But in the meantime, listen to this song by my dear friend Deni Bonet. She rocks my Christmas as only a pretty and talented Jewish girl can.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Company on the way here and that is going to be very special. My daughter and SIL are bringing the new grandson Gabriel. Also Fed Ex informs me a new guitar is about to arrive here. Let's see, the guitar or the baby? Just kidding.

I have been writing new songs. I'm not as adventuresome as I used to be about posting them unfinished. But then again, nothing is ever finished. Nothing is perfect. And nothing lasts for ever. So who knows, perhaps I'll stick something up here you can listen to before Christmas. Not a Christmas song. I've managed once again to not book anything during the season that would require me to play and sing Jingle frigging Bells. I did narrowly miss a New Years Eve gig that would have had me singing country tunes. I must admit that it was wise of that person to realize that they didn't need to hear a New York transplant trying to sound like someone far more, well, rural. No matter how much they could drink that night, I'm not gonna pull off Kenny Chesney. I don't usually wear hats let alone cowboy hats. I ought to write a song parody about guys who wear cowboy hats. Not my nature to be deliberately offensive, however. Wouldn't want to start a Neal Young/Lynerd Skinnard kind of thing.

I hope to have pics after this holiday. What do you want to see? The guitar or the baby?

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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm officially out of good excuses to avoid getting my to do list done. The internet has become a huge distraction and a fantastic way to avoid doing the stuff I should be doing elsewhere on the internet. Self promotion for one thing. Finishing songs for another.

I loathe self-promotion. It is the absolute worst part of being in the music business. At a time when I'm striving to ditch my ego, I am forced to brand myself. Interesting conundrum. Kind of like trying to hire White House staff that has never been involved with a lobby of any kind. And the later strikes me as a futile activity. Kind of like washing your hands in a public bathroom and then using those same hands to open the door. Those germs are everywhere.

My CD is fantastic, I played here and I played there and so and so said this and that about me. Now excuse me while I dump my ego and become one with the universe. This is an illuminating process. Must be a song in it.

Listen to me, I'm like Bob and John and Sting
Buy my records while my thoughts take wing
All my new web sites are always on go
Now excuse me while I vanquish my ego

Vanquish my ego, vanquish my ego
Trying so hard to let the ME go
I want for nothing, and you can't hurt me
I thought therefore I used to be

And so on and so forth. Can't be much market for that sort of thing. This life is such an interesting puzzle. I'm not complaining. I'm embracing, my sweet embraceable you!

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Thursday, November 06, 2008


Wrote a blog a week ago that put ME to sleep. So I didn't post. A weird cycle. I'm struggling to free myself. I've been working on new songs, playing rehearsal-intensive gigs. But mostly I've been addicted to following election polls and post election news and killing time in between watching Family Guy on I'm starting to come to my senses but that was some entertaining stuff, I have to tell you.

I hope, if you're reading, that you're not scared by the Fox un-News prophesies of a terrorist/communist/Muslim takeover. If you do lean that way, I'd pray for you but that would be more hypocritical than, oh, being pro-life but pro war and pro-death sentence at the same time. Like being a strident Christian who can't ask the question, "Who would Jesus kill?" Kind of like being anti-welfare but pro-corporate welfare (bail-out). I could go on but it really isn't my intention to antagonize, as you know. I hope people who were frightened will breathe and see that none of that scary crap that the fox was spewing is gonna happen. But I understand, I've been very scared over the last eight years too. Somehow I survived and still have my house. Just lucky, I guess. The music business is in the toilet lately but I don't think anybody is gonna flush. I'm clinging to the side, anyway.

Obama was in Sarasota five days before the election. We attended the rally at a baseball stadium used by the Cincinnati Reds. 12,500 very diverse people sat and stood shoulder to shoulder in total solidarity. It wasn't predominantly anything. Equal parts black, white, brown and off-white. Male, female, young, old, hourly employees and salaried employees. All either off for the day or off for the recession. I even saw Amish people there. There were people wearing crosses and stars of David and risque T-shirts. There were disabled people and those showing six packs or impressive cleavage. We had it all. And we all had one thing in common. Belief that together we could make the world a better place.

Nobody yelled ugly remarks about the other side. We stood in line for two hours. Some camped overnight. Nobody got pissed off. Complete strangers just glad to be in this company. On the way out, the traffic jam was horrendous. Nobody beeped their horn in anger. People stopped to let others go. It was a very uplifting day. And Florida went blue. Had it gone red, I would still have been happy to have shared that experience. I hope the anger on the other side subsides because we all have a lot of work to do just to keep from becoming poor. We'll all scale back and gear up and we'll leave our children and grandchildren a more usable planet. It's okay with me if the other side wants to take credit for what we've accomplished in eight years. They tried to take credit for Clinton's surplus and blame the recession on him. Whatever, if it makes them feel better, they can say what they want. Let's just get people's jobs back and houses saved and fix the environment while we do that. Oh yeah, and there's that war thing. Let's cut that shit out.

For me, this is heavily political. And I most likely won't be doing that again, but that's what's been on my mind. Keeping me away from blogland. I'm gonna go write some love songs now.

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