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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm never depressed although I find some things depressing or should I say depression worthy. And I keep reading references to this time we are in as a possible Depression. Not sure what the definition of that is if you're an econogeek. But damn! How many more jobs can be lost? There are many snarky things I could say but I'll leave that to people who do it for a living. Like Jon Stewart.

So far things are okay here despite the loss in business. I'm nothing if I'm not prepared. I'll keep it going, even though my music income is about 10% of what it normally is this year so far. There are still many things that can happen but it's a queasy feeling when your business depends on a whole bunch of maybes.

I'm in that place again where survival trumps creativity. It also trumps social time on the web. But I'm not giving it up altogether. Slowly I endeavor to stay in touch with my many cyber pals and real life pals who use the web. I've actually been richly rewarded lately in that regard. The coolest thing about having been a teacher is that there are so many lives you've touched that some of them stick with you through the years. It was worth all those years of totally crappie pay. There are laborers and office folks who made more than I did but they can't make the same claim.

I think we'll mostly come out of this downturn for the better. At least I know that's true for me because that's the way I think. Thoughts are things.

posted by Bud @ 10:36 PM

They say it's going to be as bad as the 70s. But that can't be that bad. Afterall, the 70s gave us Me.
i'm with D-Man (also made in the 70s), i think we're in for a rough time, but i think an organic turnaround will take hold in not too long
It is a bit scary right now when so much of it is out of your control. It's a viscious cycle as consumers are afraid to spend which causes the profit losses that lead to lay offs that lead to less spending.
The way I see it is there is nothing you can do about the effects of the econimy but be vigilant and try to move forward as best you can.
I love your positivity! I wish people didn't take that word to heart and use it to do themselves and their families in like that guy in LA did. Things change and we all gotta buckle up for the ride, coming, going, or full speed ahead. My area is fairly dead right now unless you're in the medical field or wanna be a coal miner. But thank goodness hubbys government project is still alive and O'Bama supports it, if he can get it funded again after the last guy bled it dry, lol! I'm still helping my little old ladies when needed so that gives me a little sense of 'self.'
Bud: A friend of mine in business here locally that I trust tels me we will begin to come back in the 3rd Quarter of 2009. You have been so Positive and I've always admired that. But you've also planned well and are in Venice where life is good! Take it a day at a time and live well, my good friend! :)
If perspectives shift, honesty and truth prevail, then yep, it'll be better in the long run.
Hey, if anyone understands this mess, it's me. But fortunately for us, we have a positive attitude and will get through this stronger, and better for having experienced it.

Thanks for the kind comments you left. I appreciate every ounce of encouragement I can get these days.

Hang in Bud and wishing you a nice weekend! More people should see your performance video. It is a delight! :)
I luv your optimism so much! ... in awe of it, actually.

Real life has gotten the better of me lately, but I just admire you so much and thank you for spreading your lil sunshine cuz I can feel it from here! =)
Things will get better, because as we 'thin the herd', the 'strong' genes will survive, right? Oops...maybe that's not the message...LOL.

My wife's company just announced that everyone will have to take a week off without pay before the end of March. Why do I think that doesn't apply to the CEOs and upper management?? ("We aren't PAID. We are COMPENSATED!")
Let's hope so, eh?
I hate it when the maybes start to add up...that teetering feeling of uncertainty. Let's hope it doesn't last long.
Happy Weekend, Bud. Hope your weather there is as nice as mine!
Just checking to see if you were back.... Hope life is treating you well...
Whatcha doin Bud?
Just stopping in to say hi Bud. Hope things are turning around for you. We are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel in our biz.
Bud: Happy May 2nd and hope everything is going gangbusters and quite exciting for you!
I'm building a bunker in the backyard just in case. And slowly acquiring a taste for squirrel. I now understand why my grandfather kept his life savings under his mattress and never trusted a bank.

The kids think I'm crazy because I've started rolling my own pennies--I refuse to pay 7 cents on the dollar to one of those coin machines.

Am I becoming my grandparents?
My husband was made in the 70's too, so I have to like that decade!
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