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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gotta keep posting this:
TWO for the price of one CD deal (Only $10 including postage) went out
just now to my Reverbnation Fan list. To get in on that deal, go to
this link and stick yourself on that list.

posted by Bud @ 7:06 AM

Are you realtive of Jeff Buckley?

To answer, you visit my blog, please!

Kisses from Brazil!
You haven't answered my question ... (laughter ...)Are you a relative of Jeff buckley, son of Tim Buckley? You know the music of Jeff Buckley?

In my blog has many posts about him, pictures, songs...

I was delighted that you've visited my blog!

Kisses from Brasil!!!
I also stay very happy for visiting my blog... And you are a "big cat" (um gatőo!)!This slang (jargon)we used to appoint beautiful in good physical shape, handsome men...

You are a "gatőo"!
Ah! I'll certainly enjoy their music, only that I am without my sound in my PC.
(I laugh!!!)

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