Sunday, November 04, 2007


Quick update: The photo shoot went very well. I'll post some of that when I pick out the stuff I want to use.

The first draft of the album cover should be ready to look at in about a week.

The latest mix of the CD is also due around next week.

At least two or three video projects in the planning stages. Also some live recordings.

Three gigs this week, starting today. And two new students. Nothing like staying busy. Which means I did nothing to work on the recording software.

Got a big festival gig in Sarasota for Arts Day in January. One of my other venues stopped having music and another just stopped on Wednesday which was my regular midweek gig during my busy season. But I'm starting to book more country club gigs which are quite lucrative. As soon as the album is finished, I'll start submitting it to every opportunity I can afford. Entrance fees for contests, publications and compilation discs can really drive the cost up on a project but it's better than having some label rip you off. I'm starting my own publishing company and label. Gonna keep it all. I'll be generous with my co-writers. Budley Music and BuBu records. What do you think?

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