Monday, August 04, 2008


This is gonna be baby and kid week. Things started off Monday with my Godson Patrik. Since the last time I baby-sat him he has learned to walk and he understands a lot of what is said to him now. Especially if it's in Czech. So he's harder to wrangle but easier to communicate with. Cathy organized some art activities for him involving scribbling with an enormous fat crayon on a pie plate and me fashioning it into a spider or a snake. But we never got that far.

When his Mom, Jitka, left, he was taking me out to the pool where he was content to splash his hands for about five minutes. Then he directed me to the golf course but we got in the way of some people with clubs. So he pointed out every flower in the garden, each of which he fondled very gently. Nothing died.

Patrik pointed to the house so I obliged and took him in. He pointed to his stroller because it was nap time so I rocked him to sleep and attempted to write a blog for the half hour he stayed there. He called me with the only syllable I've heard him utter. Probably something in Czech, like, "Yo, dude!" So I got him and gave him a bottle while I sat in a rocker but he flung it aside after one polite gulp, grabbed my face with a big smile and snuggled up to my chest, thumb in mouth. He stayed just like that for an hour until Jitka came in. Really sweet, I must say.

Several gangs of Cathy's relatives are visiting this week so we'll have a house full of babies, kids and their parents. half of them will stay across the street at Cathy's sister and B-in-law's. They would be Carol and Jack. We love having family so close. Fun time. It'll be very pleasant company between all my guitar lessons and video editing.

And oh yes, I'M STILL NUMBER ONE at Please go there now and vote again. And again. Ten weeks is fantastic and I love you all for keeping me there. I'm thinking dynasty now, though. Keep it going my friends. Vote at this link for Tattoo or any other song you like.

You might also notice that I'm the Second Chance Featured Artist too. Sounds strange as I've ruled that chart half the spring and summer so far but it's just their way of saying that I'm featured again, as in a second time. Along with some others. Robert Lamm of Chicago is breathing close on my heals so please show me some love.


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