Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Unproductive and uninspired. Seeking distractions and finding them everywhere. Very odd and rare frame of mind for me. This is what I get for taking on more work than I actually want to do while at the same time inundating myself with this political news and having seen a controversial movie about religion.

But in the spirit of taking something from nothing I've come to rediscover myself. This election is getting very very negative and downright dirty. Yes I have very strong feelings about the side I'm voting for but I have no need to preach about it here or anywhere. I'm not going to change anybody's mind and they won't be changing mine. I remember the day after the last presidential election. I went to bed thinking Senator Kerry had won my state of Florida and thus the election. Yes, I believe it was stolen. Again. I was irate and depressed. But my neighbors, all Republicans, were exceedingly thoughtful to Cathy and me that morning. There was no smirking or gloating or even a mention of it. It was a powerful lesson in friendship to me. Even today, it is a rare moment when I'm baited into any discussion of politics with these folks.

If things hold up as they are going now, more in my favor, my neighbors can expect the same behavior from me. And if it goes the other way, even though it would have to be a result of the dirtiest kind of politics, I pledge myself to be nice.

If there is anything I believe in, any one law that is worth dedicating my life to, it's the pledge to just be nice. Cathy and I, along with another like-minded close friend, saw Bill Mahar's Religulous last weekend. It was fun to be in a large crowd of people laughing at all that we believe to be ridiculous. Namely religion itself. But it is not my style or intention to ever publicly belittle people who take comfort in religious beliefs and organized religion of any kind. They may cast judgment on this heathen but I don't judge them. Whatever gets them through the night is fine with me. As long as they don't get in my face about it. And when they do, they get no theological argument like Bill Mahar's. If they are obnoxious, they get a cold shoulder at worst. Usually, however, a plea not to discuss religion is enough. Every religion should be based on one belief. The belief to just be nice. And if the rest of what you do in that religion defies that one guiding principal, then you should be excommunicated. Just be nice and nothing else matters.

I'm not nice all the time but I've never started or condoned a war based on a religious, philosophical or political belief. Never tried to get money out of anybody to save their soul. Never blew anybody up to make a point. Never used a belief of any kind to justify something I did that wasn't nice. If I did it, I'm sorry. I screwed up. I will try not to let that happen again. Surely that's a more sane way to live and enjoy my time as this organism known as Bud.


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