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cialis we make you laugh, diagnosis we talk with a mime and a chimp and actual artists too.” src=”http://www.budbuckley.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/BudaRestKWD.22-150×150.jpg” width=”150″ height=”150″ /> Artistic Mashup with BudaRest every Tuesday and Friday at 8pm EST and The Best of BudaRest Saturday at noon. KDWRadio.com

Show Number 7 of Artistic Mashup with BudaRest. From the Paris of my Mind. Jax and I meet our Mime friend Noise. He drives me a little nuts.

Show Number 8 of Artistic Mashup with BudaRest. Show within a show and we celebrate first anniversary of BudaRest

Show Number 9 of Artistic Mashup with BudaRest. Jax tells bud to get a pair. The Mime tries to help out.

Show Number 10 of Artistic Mashup with BudaRest. Noise the Mime serves us an unusual pizza in sunny Sicily

Preview of Show 11.  We introduce Bonzo the Chimp and try to chat with Noise our mime:

Here is Show 11 in full. Bonzo the Chimp, James Lewis of Not Tuna and an attempted phone call to our mime Noise.

PREVIEW OF SHOW 12 Christmas shopping for a mime and a chimp

Show Number 12 of Artistic Mashup with BudaRest  to be posted Sunday Dec. 23

PREVIEW OF SHOW 13 New Year. Live cut from Chalk Festival


PREVIEW OF SHOW 15  Get your face ripped off


Show 24  Combo Crazy

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